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To: Vern Greunke ,
Subject: ASA Bikers wanted for Rolling Thunder
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Vern, Steve,

I've been talking with Al in Toledo about getting a bunch of ASA bikers to ride together in Rolling Thunder. We think is probably too late to get anything together for this year but sure would appreciate any help in getting the word out. Use my email address as the contact.
My snail mail address is
Rick Hayden, 12 Doctors Point,
Abbeville, AL 36310.
Telephone (334) 585-1704.

Rick Hayden

ATTENTION ANY 372RRC Cu Chi 25th Inv. Vets!
Scheduled Chat Session Every Sunday Nite at 9:00 p.m. EDT, 8:00 p.m. CDT
Stop by and speak your peace!
Reunion date! 1999..... July 24-25, 1999 at Sheridan, Wyoming!

POSTED 1/20/99

Hi Vern:
We would appreciate it if you would post the following on your website:
The 501st ASA Korea 1950's will hold their Fourth Annual Reunion in Pensacola Beach, Florida on September 16-19, 1999. If you served in any unit under the command of the 501st Comm Recon Group during the 1950's you are invited to attend. Contact Rev. Charles Knappenberger at (215) 635-6774 for further information. E-mail
Deadline for reservations is August 1, 1999

Thank you very much.

Fred Roth

POSTED 080798
From: "Ralph R. Thadeus"
Subject: Reunion notice

ASA Alpiners (Scheyern, Wels, BA, Herzo, Rothwesten, Memmingen, Passau, Nottau, etc.) 1999 reunion dates, location and headquarters hotel set for:
Reno, Nevada at the The Silver Legacy Casino and Hotel

Ralph R. Thadeus - St. Louis
Jeff Hendrickson writes:
One more favor if at all possible--I've read an almost completed manuscript to a book written by Matthew Cooper, or Don as he is called also, entitled "C Trick". He served in Berlin with me in the mid 60s and the book is about the characters who served with the 78th/54th during this time period. I liked what I've read and would recommend it. The book is with a publisher right now, MacMurray & Beck. I've been plugging the book wherever I can and I'm wondering if you can post anything on your pages to do so too--he would appreciate it? I've encouraged people to send email stating they would buy a copy if it was available to Leslie Koffler, Associate Editor at . Thank you for your consideration. Jeff Hendrickson

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