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Filling Sandbags 1st Day After Landing - Aug. 21, 1966
L to R: Wayne Myasaki - (HI), Maurice "Curly" Kollstedt - (OH),
and Dick Lowther - (NE)
All 05D's from my class (10A - 1966). (Photo By Vern Greunke)

Filling Sandbags - "SIT" platoon tent
Left to Right: Barry Anderson (CA), Leon Hart (CA), Charlie Horner (NJ)
Reclining, back row: Dick Lowther (NE)
Other possible identities: Sitting in white camoflage T-shirt Orville "Butch" Browning, Jr., kneeling: William R. Chron III (MS), and standing: Roland "Butch" Williamson (WY) (Photo by Vern Greunke)

"This is how WE filled the sandbags ..."
Ron Foster (the big dumaflachie) is in the back of "pig pen" (the signal maintenance deuce & a half) doing as much work as we ever did when filling sandbags. There was an area outside of the hill where we went with empty bags and the locals would load a full bag onto the truck for one cent and an empty bag. So for 10 bucks and 1000 empty bags, we got 1000 full bags loaded onto the truck. Lazy huh?. (Photo by Walter "Andy" Anderson)

330th RRC Second Reunion - Firebase Indy, June 1995
Pictured from Left, First Column, Front To Back: (approximately)
Tim Reichwein, George Duggins (current National VVA President), Dave Mitchell, Rick Bender, Andy Henry, and John Sherok
Second Column: Michael Leos, Steve Masica, Bob Harvey, Roy Roper, Julius Will, and the Rev. (Ret.) Jack Shea (head not in picture) believed to be the designer of the "Skate Patch".
Third Column: Art Dore, Vern Greunke (the Webmaster), Harry King, Maurice "Curly" Kollstedt, Larry Wallen, and Ron Nichols.
Fourth Column: Sam Dunbar, Lou Horvath (co-organizer of reunion), Glen Hite, Bob Parsons, and Monte J. Smith.
Fifth Column: Jim "Sakk" Frankenfield, Charles "Missing" Persons, Harold Graham, Russell "Schick" Cook, and Richard Bodnar.
Sixth Column: Sam Hamilton (co-organizer), Greg Banicki, Ray Ruebusch, Chris Manning, and Greg Hansen.
Seventh Column: Nick Plessas, Lonnie Rudasill, Jim Stewart, Gary Poole, and Candy Teliak.
(if any are mis-identified please notify the webmaster) (Photo by unknown)

Walter B. "Andy" Anderson (MA) - 1968
"Andy" showing off his great? tan & Uniform of the Day.
Also auditioned for officer role in Forest Gump movie. (Photo possibly by Kurt Becker?)
Wal-Mart (Downtown Pleiku) circa 1968
One of the many fine shopping places in downtown Pleiku (Photo by Walter "Andy" Anderson)
Only Known 330th Aircraft
Kurt Becker holding plane which crashed numerous times, but was never shot down.
L to R: Kurt Becker, Paul Bensky, Stu Krissinger Jim North
(Photo by Walter "Andy Anderson)

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