This "Pass-On" Guestbook is for the exclusive use of 330th RRC/ASA company members and company matters. Post any messages concerning 330th matters only. Thanks!
When you sign in please indicate your time of service with the 330th. ie, pre-Vietnam (Korea), Vietnam "boat people", Vietnam advance party, Pleiku 330th, or Nha Trang 330th, or Germany 330th ASA, etc.

Vern Greunke

Looking for remaining unlocated members of our PRD-1 Team of '66-'67 tour.
Were TDY entire year to 372RRC at Cu Chi.
Looking for: Edward David Tune (from WA?) FOUND!!!!!
Michael J. Donahue (from MN) FOUND!!!!!! in WISCONSIN!
George E. Thomas Possibly MI or MN?? was with 175th RR also in 1968
All 05D's with 330thRRC. Anyone work with these at a DET before or after they were assigned to our team? Help me out ... Thanks! - VERN

Vern Greunke

Lookling for a William F. Schrader or Schraeder from Seattle. Was in 330th from 5 or 6 /67 to 5 /68. Was 98c20 worked night shift. I Was at Pleiku 330th from 7/67 to 1/68 and sent to 371st RRC.

Paul W. Walker

Nha Trang 330th - Det 3, 330th RRC, 313th RRB 11/70 to 6/71 - Stationed at Phu Cat. I got to close down the detachment as the 330th was closing out. Trying to remember the other members of Det 3: SSG Jim Wheat - Det Commander; Vernon B. Neff (Cuppie); Roland W. Williamson; Edward D. Tune; Jerry Knight; Art DeHart; Don Hamby. That is about all that I can remember.

Germany 330th ASA (Avn) - Feb 74 - May 78. Stationed at Gruenstadt, Germany. I was stationed there when we started the Guardrail system. I got there when the only "equipment" there was a truck and maybe the comm center. We got all of the equipment in and began to do the acceptance tests on the Guardrail system.

Ed Noltensmeyer

Pleiku RVN 1966-68

Ken Long

Attached to 330th with duty as advisor '71-'72

Carter, Ken "Nick"

Attached to 330th with duty as advisor '71-'72

Carter, Ken "Nick"

Vietnam Advance Party, 3rd Platoon, 66-67
Looking for other Advance Party members!

Great Page!

Edward D. Laraway

Vietnam 69-70, 330th Pleiku & 313th Nha Trang
98B "Crypie"

Dorst, Jerry

330th RRC Aug '69 - Aug '70, Pleiku & Nha Trang

Hagenbuch, Homer D.

Urgently looking for anyone with morning report rosters obtained from Army Records Center. Especially for 330th spring of 1967! Please contact me if you have anything of this sort.

Vern Greunke

Last person to Texas before the boat left. Never got on any duty rosters and lowest rank E-2

Robert E. Grossman

Ref: William Schrader Location found in Seattle Washington. Have made contact by phone. Was located thru this page by someone who knows him and was also in ASA in 50's and 60's. Would like to thank you for the aid in locating. Keep up good the work.

Paul Walker

In Pleiku from May 1969 to May 1970.

W. A. (Willy) Haag

with the 330th (and also det1/330th)
from april 1968 thru november 1969
worked in signal maintenance as a 31e20
and also as a 33c20. get in touch with
me if you were there during that time.
P.S. Great job with the web pages and
info Vern...THANKS.....andy

Andy Anderson

Any chance of another reunion being planned? I had a ball at Indianapolis. I'm kinda new at this computer stuff and will be suprised as hell if this traffic gets through this web crap.

Andy Henry

I served with the 330th RRFS at Pleiku fm Nov 1970 to Nov 1971. MOS 98C.

William Snyder

Served with the 330th from 8/69 to 8/70
Pleiku and Nha Trang 330th

Hagenbuch, Homer D.

Phone number changed to (602)759 4276
Nha Trang 9/70-9/71

Mike TenKate

o5d2h @ Ft Devens, Nha trang , Pleiku ,and dong ba thin....Viet Nam Aug 66 - Aug 67...also Bad Abling Germany..69

street, larry

330th - Aug '69 to Aug '70 - Pleiku & Nha Trang

Hagenbuch, Homer D.

Working as Engineer in EMC, TEMPEST, ESD, Magnetics at Lockheed Martin Waterton Co.
Home Address 5978 S Van Gordon St., Littleton, Colo.

Why no listing on Sgt. Jose'Miranda?

Warboys, Leslie R.

Nha Trang 330th

Randy Risener

313th, Det 3, co ordinates BR832-351, Binh Dinh from 12/12/68 to 6/20/70. Great page! Looking for anyone from the unit.
Address POBox 944, Bath Maine 04530
Tel (207) 443 - 8491
Still in contact with the village of Tu Tien Ha and my friend Tran Van Muoi.

Paul A Berry Jr.

330th RRFS from July 1968 to July 1969.
Actually, I don't remember if it was a RRFS or a company or whatever. I will have to look this up on an old set of orders.


Gary Young

Harry S. Pierce

Pleiku 330th 67-68,69, started in tents went to wooden barracks.
Ph: 941-688-1053

Kenneth M. Long

Hi Vern - good work. Just browsed your roster and noted a couple of MIA's:
Mike Bacharowski - Comsec
S/SG Doyle (Dutch) Eyerman - 98C40
You have assembled a hell of a list. I will consider it more thoroughly and see if I can recall any other comrades.

Tim Reichwein

i was assigned to the 330th in as a plt sgt in june 1962. i was among the first to arrive when it was activated.we did a lot of training and participated in operation swift strike in n. carolina in '63 and operation desert strike in arizona & california in '64. this was a great unit to serve with. charles crosswhite sfc-ret

charles l crosswhite

Was one of the sixteen sent from Phu Bai. Was assistant Trick Chief on 3-11 crew. Left on April 14th, 1967 and ten days later entered Miami Univeristy in Ohio. Cultural Shock!!

Harvey Poff

330th Plieku, Vietnam. May, 1967 thru May, 1968. RA16987331

Brian H. McDuffie

Looking for anyone who I worked with @51ST Trick One. Also any of the WB crew from the 330TH RRCO. Looking to renew old aquaintances. THE HAT

Harry S. Pierce

Do you know where they are? All Widebanders 330th in 67/68
059's Ken Bean,KY or TN
Bill "Willy" Howe, VA?
Mark Whipple ,San Luis Obispo, CA
latter to Coast Guard
Jon Geadonie, from east
David Ray, Deep in the Heart of
Texas, and a love for MoTown
058's Keith H. Cowgill, WY
Fred M. Powers, IN
Patrick Blewitt or Blewett Buffaol
Dick Estes, L.A. area CA

Harry S Pierce

330th Pleiku 68-69

Robby O'Neal

Sept,1968 to Jan, 1969. Levied out of Pleiku to Phu Bai, Jan, 1969. I still ahve my SKATE patch.

C. Daniel Thayer, Jr

330th, 1968, Pleiku

C. Daniel Thayer, Jr.

currently using daughter's e-mail address
I was with the 330th from late 69 to June 71 at both Pleiku and Nha Trang.
address: 1197 Avondale Ct, Frederick MD 21702: 301-695-8958.

McKnight, Scott A

330th RRC, 1967-1968
I can give you the names of most of Lingies there at that time, but have lost touch with almost all of them.

H. Palmer Hall

Some how the last half of the e-mail address dropped off.

Scott McKnight

Scott McKnight

330rrc sept67 - sept 68 05D30 sp/5
I see McMoneagle here are a few more:
WO Thomas OIC, Ford SFC NCOIC, Lyle SFC
replaced Ford, Stevenson SSG Trick ldr,
Phillips, Richard (Dickey) SGT, Hayes,
James SSG, Rockenbach (Rocky) SSG, Beam-
er SP5, Anderson, Mickey SP5, Holzman,
Gary SP5,Stumbach SP5 (Q Det), Eide SSG
(Q det) these are some that I sent you
before but Idont see here so better safe
than sorry. All 05D20 and 05D30 during
1967 and 1968 330rrc

Asa G. Hunter Jr.

Engr Hill, Pleiku (tent, cma) 68
Engr Hill, Pleiku (PAR shop), 70
Camp Schmidt, Det 8, 70
Log Center, Det 8 70,71
Older, grayer, fatter. Wiser? Naah.

Dan Botta

stationed 330th RRC, oct69-sep70, in pleiku and nha trang. was SP6 and a senior T/A. memory foggy concerning rocket/morter attack and death of a "Bob Dew, SP4???" help my memory please.
am interested in 1998 reunion info!

otis w. slusher III

hi again. just correcting e-mail address on previous entry. thanks

otis w slusher III

hi again. just correcting e-mail address on previous entry. thanks

otis w slusher III

hi again. just correcting email address on previous entry. thanks

otis w. slusher III

hi again. just correcting email address on previous entry. thanks

otis w. slusher III

4314 Reef Road
Marietta, GA 30066
Home Phone (770) 928-0900

John M. Stone

Change my email address which is on the data base and the 330th roster. Also, on the data base Francis X Toomy and Maj. Toomy are one and the same.

Thanks and you're doing a great job,

Harvey Poff

Served with 330th in Pleiku, 1969 & 1970
Also served in Nha Trang.

Donald R. White

Was at 330th from 67-68 05D20

Gary Holtman

Member of the 330th from April 1968 thru April 1969. Fond memories of engineer hill. Great job vern..Will turn 50 in 1998 and plan to spend it in Saigon as the first american Vietnam vet to operate Ham Radio from "Nam". Look for us.. 73.. Steve/K2WE

Steven Weinstein

Member of the 330th from April 1968 thru April 1969. Fond memories of engineer hill. Great job vern..Will turn 50 in 1998 and plan to spend it in Saigon as the first american Vietnam vet to operate Ham Radio from "Nam". Look for us.. 73.. Steve/K2WE

Steven Weinstein

330th - 66th - 67. Made the move from Ft Wolters to Pleiku on the USNS Gaffey.

Freel, Patrick J

330th ASA 1963-64, Pre Vietnam. at Ft. Wolters Tx.

Paul R. Hopkins

Looking for Asa Hunter from 330th. Best 05D-30 ever. 1967-1968. A good friend and fellow soldgier. He was from Penn. but cannot locate him now. Also looking for John Gardner and Wayne Currier both from Maine. Both 05D-20's. Miss Chris Schramm and Capt Casey KIA spring of 1968 up north died about the same time as Bobby Kennedy. What a year.
Gary Holtman
SP-5 05D20-05H20

Gary Holtman

Sorry to inform you that Bill Mayette has
died. About 2 years ago. Your data base
sure brought back names from the past.
Was never a member of 330th but sure
knew plenty of people that were. AR dit dit

CW3 James A. Luster (ret)

Plieku 330th. I need to get back on line so I do not have email address now-using relatives. New address:
149 Cassia Drive Clairton, Pa 15025
412 655 2527

Louis Serrao

am looking to locate an 05D named gerry goldstein, a cpt/maj (?) Johnson who was ops officer (?) or any individuals with info concerning death/injuries from mortor hit on ramp of 330th ops compound
in Nha Trang in late august 1970 (aug 30th??). believe a Robert Dew was KIA in that attack! Dews death has been found listed as "misadventure" on several sources. appriciate any/all info, contacts, etc. thanks, otis slusher
sp6 98c, 330th
sept 69-70

otis slusher

advance party made the trip one the pope looking for Cyrcle Cristanda and ssg Lyle loved the both

Bill Quimby

I was with Signal Maintanance Plt from
June of 1966 to Feb 1968. One of the spark chasers that installed the electric service with SSG Jones "Jonesy"
so you guys could have lights in your tents, when we had time we also kept your ears sharp.

Mark Henry Ostrowski

Please add my name to the roster for the 330th RRC. I served in Vietnam from 24 November 1969 through 21 October 1970 and previously was stationed at Ft.Bragg with the 316th, and at Field Station Rothwesten at Kassel Germany.

In Vietnam I spent time at Pleiku, and then went to DaLat in December 1969, we then moved the Det 4, 330th RRc back to Pleiku in April of 70. From there I went to ChaRang Valley, Det 3, 330th RRC and helped them move it to Phu Cat Airbase, and we were stationed at Camp Fidel.

The rest of the year I spent at NhaTrang as a Trick Chief in operations after the unit had moved from Pleiku to NhaTrang.

I served with a SP/4 George Pierson from West Virginia, Paul A Berry from Mass, David Wile and Jack Cary (forgot where they were from)a fellow named Angelopolis who we called "Angie" I can place a lot more faces, but cannot remember their names right now.

Anyone who remembers serving with me, E-Mail me, I will answer all!

Ron Metheny

Ed Boone

Nha Trang 70-71

Robert C. Yow

Lou Horvath

Lou Horvath

Nha Trang 330th (Det 3 at Phu Cat) and Germany 330th ASA
I have a new E-mail address for the database. Like to hear from any duffys out there from the 330th RRC or any of the Guardrail pioneers.

Ed Noltensmeyer

Pleiku, October, 1968 to January 1969
98C - remember going out in the morning to light the water heaters?

Anyone remember "Dildo" the monkey?

C. Daniel Thayer, Jr.

Great to read comments from others that served in Pleiku. My name is Russ Zaino. I arrived at Engineer Hill in Feb.70 and remained there after Det 8 was created and the rest of the group went to Nha Trang. We designed our own patch, an eight ball with lightning through it. Returned to the US in April, 71. I remember Herbie, Andy Luna, Mark Sowl, and too many others to mention here. Anyone remember Phung, one of the locals that kept our place clean? Would love to hear from anyone from that time.

Russ Zaino




from June '68 to Dec. '69.
Looking for "Sup"
Remember Francis X?

Paul Shelton aka Shell

Boyce D. "two t's Short

part of 65-66 05D class that formed up with 330th at Ft Wolters, boat ride to Nam, set up HQ in Pleiku, moved to Det 1 then to 8RRFS PHUBAI, would like to locate, Wayne Shaffer, MD, Art Rita, HI, David Frohardt, CO, Jerry Willis, CWO, have found Larry Hertzberg & Jerry Boone, both in NC. I have many pictures of construction of 330th & Det 1 An Khe Det ? at Cam Rhan Bay.

Boyce Dan "two t's" Short

At 330th from 7/68 to 12/69.

Paul W. Shelton

Address: 8151 Rosemary Rd.
Eight Mile, AL 36613

Jerry L. Anderson

8151 Rosemary Drive
Eight Mile, AL 36613

330th RRC Pleiku, Vietnam

Jerry L. Anderson




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