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I am looking for George E. Thomas, Michael Donahue (FOUND!)and Edward David Tune,(FOUND!)
all 05D's, PRD-1 ops from 330th Pleiku
1966-1967. All tdy to 372nd rrc at Cu Chi. Any info appreciated.

Vern Greunke

Looking for any ASA vets from NEBRASKA.
(To Possibly Start an ASA-Nebraska Group
ASA Vets either living in Nebraska NOW or
who were FROM Nebraska during their ASA hitch.

Vern The "Seeking ASA" Webmaster

Winnie (Skip) Hancock 7thRRFS Udorn, Hometown:Bedford Indiana (I think). He was ARDF at Udorn. Liked to drick Scotch OTRs.

Bill Bogart

I am looking for Larry Wray.He was an 05H at Torii Sta 65-66. He went to RVN late 66. I dont know which unit He was with in RVN. He was from Richmond VA. any info on this old Army buddy would be greatly appreciated.

Jimmy LeCroy (LC)

Jerre "Tex" Bankston- was at Fort Devins in 1974 to 1975 with her.

Alice Monahan Klein

Seeking information on:SSG Shircliff, Donald B., 214-36-6668; Reputed to have died on the Korean DMZ some time in 1969. Since not VN casualty, where to loot?

Beattie, Howard

To Howard Beatti:
go to this URL for Social Security Death Index
Run that name through you will get a bit more info on Donald Shircliff.
Anyone else can use that URL too to see if SS benefits have been paid on a person.

Vern the Webmaster

One more hint to all. If you are looking for an ASA/RRU vet who was in Vietnam after '65 go to this URL:
If will give you the correct spelling, possibly a middle initial, MOS, branch of service (army natch!) Rank at some point in their "career" and their "

Vern the Webmaster

Walt Strauch
Ft. Devons 62
San Louis Obispo, CA

Marvin Thompson
3rd RRU 63-64
Mpls, MN

Fred Hegel

Sp4 Arthur J. Feldman II. USASASOUTHCOM,
Fort Clayton, Canal Zone 1966+

Larry Adams

Shelly Rabon

Ken D. Anderson

Looking for Sinop missing for the years 65 to 66. They are John Riley (we were KBOK DJs), Dan Giblin (the first critical intellectual I ever meet), Oscar Ray Graf (the shortest Texan I ever met), Mike Bragg (a wildly funny and mirthful countryboy) Gary (the TT mechanic. Dave Gruber(accomplished piano player).

John Newcome

SSG Shircliff, Donald B.214-36-6668 born: 24 Dec 36; died: May 69 ASA-Gp, Korea, on Korean DMZ
rcd SSN in Maryland in 1955 that"s all I've been able to find. Thanx Vern for getting back to me; still looking

Beattie, Howard D.

Say Vern; I don't remember the name of the series of books, but OSU library has listings of officers 69 they have SSN, (no enlisted foung) but it may help someone. I'll find out the name the next time I'm over there.

Beattie, Howard D.

Looking for former members of the 4th platoon - 101st RRC.
Carl Funk
Joe Garcia
Dave Sasser
Dave Hawthorne
SFC Joe Anderson
Wayne Dye
Rick Schlander
Ed Mikesell
Bradford Williams
"PUG" Bailey
Gene B. Tichoner(spelling wrong?)
Jesus Chavez
"Pinky" John allison?
and any others that were there from jan67 thru dec 68


Looking for Allan Timm, O5H20Y4, served at Phu Bai, 1970-71. Also at the 7THRRFS from 1971-72. Last known hometown was Corpus Christi, TX. Info appreciated

Mark E. Lang

Mike Goldman-05H
Dave Radzewics-05H
George Davis-98G
any 265RRC in 1971

Don Matthews

I am looking for an old buddy, Joseph Dupernault (or might be spelled Duperalt). Believed to have served in Vietnam after leaving Herzo base Germany 8606 field station.

Edwin Wagner

Just testing this page.

Vern The Webmaster

seeking friends from the 5th RRU
Tom Sheehan
Jim Moore
Stan Wilson
Bob Gassaway
John McDonnell
Bill Flower
Bob Latsha
Bob Harlin
Pinkey Sexton
Scott Kohl
Jim Pool
Fred Meesan
Don Glavach
Chris Caninico
John Seyle
Bill Joyner
Sene Austin
Al Belongin

Terrence W. Middle

Ernie Wertz
Don Ito
Paul Horning
Bruce Andreasen
330th 66-68

John A. Millard

372th RRU
509th RR GP
He was in the Comm cntr
Sig Corp MOS


Seeking anyone @ 301st ASA Bn. @ Ft. Bragg 1966
HHC 313th RR BN. Nha Trang Sept. 67 thru Sept. 68 [espically electronics repair shop]
404th RR Det.[FWD] Sept. 68 to Mar. 69

Bobby G. Lanier

Kuma Station, Chitose Japan

Fred Vandusen and Norman Samson.
Samson was from New York and Vandusen was from New England area. Also any MP's that served at Kuma Station.

James Holton

seeking Tim Jones -stationed Okinawa 67-68 ---Korea 68-69--went to VN from Korea Personnel S-2 think Dad was a retired SGTMAJ -from Pacific Grove, Cali.

rick brown

Seeking any info on (all 98C/linguists):
John E Smith SP5-FL
Dave Coolidge SP5
Michael R Yates SP5
Mike Henderson
Mike Hansen (Hanson?)
Rich Thomas
Bob Woodruff
John Stromberg SP5- Mora,MN
Raymond Rawlett SP5-MD & FL
Thomas ("Lurch")Lund SP5-Vancouver,WA
Don Meeks
Gilbert Merrill SP5-attended Brown Univ.
John Wilborn 1LT,Camp Evans
Clay Spiegel SP5
Wesley Chong SP4,Co. Clerk in Phubai-HI
Jerry Williams SP5-TX
James Seybold- Korean Linguist-NH

Mike Sergent



Fred Watrous 280th ASA Berlin
Norman Hall 280th ASA Berlin

Before we left Berlin the 280th turned into the 78th something or MacDonald's farm as it was referred to.

Terence J. O'Connor

Curt Shaffer

Anyone looking for a SGT LYLE .. i know where he is. Drop me a line ...

vern the webmaster

i am an old asaer. i retired in 1975 after 20 years in the asa. i'm looking for james haug who served with me in okinawa from 1970-73. we also served together at ft. devens

bob leblanc

Randy Bricker 05H20 VHFS 1971
Skip Hancock 05H20 VHFS 1971

Dave Berger

Looking for a Joel McKinney (?) who was with the 337th RRC in 1969. 05H who took lots of pictures.

Dave Berger

John Herx
Europe (London)
World War II

Wayne Johnson

Looking for Charles Hackett - Went to basic at Dix in Sep '73. On to DLI - I believe he was a Russian Lingie. Believe his home of record was in Pennsylvania. Any info would be appreciated

Drew Wesche

David Sargent
408th ASA Detachment

Ted F. Brunt

Looking for anyone who was with the 408th or USASA Southcom, Ft. Clayton, Panama Canal Zone from 2/73 to 11/74.

Ted F. Brunt

seeking vets who served at Herzo Base 65-67 and Kassel (Rothwesten) from 67-68
318th/319th Bn, Co B, C, Hdqtrs, 184th Opns, etc.

fred drenhouse

USASAFS HAKATA Lawrence G. Newman 33b20

Richard Green

I would like to find Bruce R. Gagnon 05k.
he was in asmara and then vint hill farms. Bruce was from Gardiner,Maine and last word he had located to Flordia.

John C. Andrews

Clifford Faith
Understand he is now living in California

Tom Hargrave

Would like information on:
William (Bill) North. Orginally from Marietta, GA. Stationed at Okinawa, and Ft Meade, Md. He and I operated a garage together while at Ft Meade.

John M. Stone

Jim McLauglin
Asmara 68-70
Ft Hood 70-71
Home town was Montclair, NJ

Jim Warren

Wendell Saunders, Royce (Lonnie) Welch, Jack Casey Joe Sparks all in the 265th ASA Co. Ft. Campbell in 76-78.

Tom Holloway and Marty Matthis from DLIWC 75-76 and FS Berlin sometime after that.

Jeff Provost

Mark Byykkonen from Ipspiming MI Last known to be stationed in Germany as a 98C.

Raymond Legrand

Alan Bates was a captain the last time
I meet him at Ft. Meade.

John McNamara

Looking for George Parke hometown I believe is Bangor, Maine served 318th ASA Bn Herzo Base 63-65 also Allen Romberger also Herzo 63-65 hometown I believe is Harrisburg, Pa.

Ray Komoski

Rodney Wedge
Hometown: Flint, Michigan
High speed operator out of USASATR at
Devens headed for Asmara the last time I
saw him----good friend.

Jack Lee

Looking for location/information on the following people--All ASA (duffys and hogs)--any and all help would be appreciated.
Jack Shelton
Ted reams
David "Derby" Wilson
Rich Collins
Earnest "Igor" Weaver
Don Tyson
Mike "Smitty" Smith
Charlie Lanpher
Paul "Greek" Giamalis
John Stepp
Al Timm
Greg Goen
Russ Dwyer
Robert "Pud" Pudelka
Julius "JD" Draughn
Larry "FLUF" Baxley
Mike Siitonen
Ricky Wallace
Terry Koder
Tony Papp
Gary Baasch
I know its a lot of names, but on the web, one thing usually leads to another

Mike Kerr

Looking for guys who were stationed at Rimbach, Germany at the Eckstein Border Site on the mountain - Hoher Bogan, on the CZ Border. Looking for those 98GRUs, 98GCZs, & 05K20K9s who were at the site. The site was under Herzo Base and later FS Augsburg. Thanks.

F. Harrison Wallace, Jr.

Jeff Lockridge

Robert Harkness

Any old friends from Ft Devens, AHS and Kagnew Station

Albert Rayl

looking for: 7th RRFS 69-70
Steve Matheny, Chuck Pulley, Art Abejon,
Lew Vogel, Jonsey, Denny Larsen, Signal Maintenance from 7th RRFS

Field Station Berlin-Red Section: Anyone there in 71.
Russ Lentz W9RL

Russ Lentz

looking for peter raynolds asmara 61-63

frank pitzi

77th SOU or 9th fld Sta, Clark Air Force Base PI
Seeking Howard Dorfman

SFC Charles W.Wells Iii

I am looking for people who knew my father, CW4 Bob Grayson in ASA. He retired in 1971. He was in Det V Gp 10 for most of his time. In Nam he was with the 509th RRFS. In particular, I am looking for the following people (I have included the places they knew my father from in parens):
Fred Newell (Fort Devens)
Fred Urich (Helsinki, Finland)
Dale Griffin (Helsinki, Finland)
Herb Russell (Quito, Ecuador)
John Watley (Athens, Greece)
Tom Nieman (Okinawa)
Ronnie Bodine (Okinawa)
Smokey Lawson (Athens, Greece)

Larry Grayson

peter.raynolds asmara 61-63 okinawa 64-66

frank pitzi

Pete Shope

Ivan E. Riggle