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Links to MY other pages on this site are listed in the column below:

TaiwanFS: History, roster and other such matter pertaining to USASAFS-Taiwan
330th RRC Home Page: 330th RRC, History, Roster, News and More!
372RRC - Cu Chi Home Page: For 372RRC with company roster, history, guestbook, pictures and more.
PRD-1 Operators Hall of Fame: Sign Up! .... If You Qualify! (PRD-1 Ops only)
372RRC Picture Page: My own and pictures submitted to me of 372nd RRC Cu Chi activities
330thRRC Picture Page: My own and pictures submitted to me of 330thRRC Pleiku activities
"Beller's Fellars" - Reunion Webpage: Page with pics of last 3 mini reunions our PRD-1 team has held.
Beller's Fellars - "The Book" - Book Deal: Here's your chance to obtain a copy of Vern's letters he sent home describing the conditions while serving on a PRD-1 team (on my Angelfire page)FREE BONUS! Disk with latest ASA Database included


Some confusion seems to exist while people are surfing the net. When you click on a "link" you are being either moved to another website hosted by the SAME person, OR ... you are being magically transported across the world to another peson's computer and website. ALL my pages have WHITE backgrounds, usually with a Red Header, and Blue with Black type. If the background on the page you linked to is NOT WHITE, you are NOT on my webpages anymore. You are on someone elses! Thanks!!

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