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I was sent to taiwan for my last 9 months in the Army - screw up by the
"expert file" at Devens. Worked 05D20
at the site at Linkou and Tai Chung. Also D30 - Anybody know if Tex Bruton
is still in the OK Penn - he murdered his wife...??

Jim Hopkins

More memories - can it be almost 40 years ago ..--..

Jim Ketchum

058 from July61 to June63. It sounds like Linkou was fixed up pretty nice before they closed it.
Amateur Radio Call: N8GDM

Richard Thurtle

Checking out that # 4 really works!
- vern

Vern the Webmaster

8th RRFS until Tet
265th RRU after that:
Phouc Vinh
Camp Evans
A Shau

Jim Shelby

Ft. Ord: June 1969-Sept. 1969
DLIWC: Sept. 1969 - July 1970
Ft. Devens July 1970 - Nov. 1970
8th RRFS Nov. 1970 -Jan. 1971
265th RRC Jan. 1971 - Jan. 1971
2/265th Feb. 1971- Dec. 1971
HHC VHFS Dec. 1971- Jun. 1972

Marque L. French

Look for Mike Kouns, Charles McKinney and other from the 9th in the PI(63-64)and on TDY to Phu Bai in 64 or any others who might have been in these places at any time,have some pictures would like to share with anyone etc

Jim Wood

Shemya, what a place and what we went thru.....
Medina, at Kelly AFB. Rember the races to work and scannin those tapes.
Augsburg, nothing like surviving on the economy, unsponsored in beutiful downtown Langwied. Wanna see my volksmark medal? 3RD OPs is tops..

Gary Godley

Looking for members of the 327 crc, tiawan 1955

claude leineke

374th RRC, 4th Infantry Division, Dragon Mountain, RVN 6/68 - 6/69.

Great stuff! Need to put date/time
stamp on comments though.

Jerry Chenevey

Ft. Leonard Wood--Winter 1965
Ft. Meade--65-66 (Vietnamese Language School)
Ft. Hood (Worse than VN) 66-67
601st RRU Chu Lai (a few months)
330th RRC on Engineer Hill, Pleiku VN
and the back to Ft. Meade, 68-69
MOS: 98G2L80/04B2L80

H. Palmer Hall

Served with 330th RRC Pleiku 68-69. Extended in 69 and went to Det 1 in An Khe. Does anyone remember the month and day that the 330th EM Club was hit and guys were wounded including James (Jim) Tilly,Jr? Need help on the dates of that attack.

Marvin Simmons

Vern - we appreciate the work! Still looking for Joe Cotton (GA), Ed 'Whitey' White (TX?), Jim McNeil, David Gatewood, Steve Austin,and Morris Byrd. If anyone is looking for Ed Toone, Kent Debruler, Chris Tourtellotte, Larry Caprari, Nick Manuel, or Steve Pitarro from the Tay Ninh prd-1 sites '68-'69), Vern has them listed!
...Jake 05D 372nd '68-'69

Bill "Jake" Jacobson

What a great thing this is! I was commo with the 335th RRC in Dian and then Cantho 69-70. Can't wait to get in touch with others from the 335th.'re doing a wonderful service to all ASAers. We're looking for anyone who served with the 335th for a reunion. Get ahold of me, Larry Armstrong or Robo at

John "Soup" Campbell

Looking for guys fron Sinop in 1959-61.

Bill Simons

Hi guys,
ASA 69-73
Basic: Ft. Jackson
AIT: Ft. Gordon
Vietnam 69-70 Nha Trang 313th
Chu Lai 328th
Vint hill Farms 70-73
MOS 72B20D1
Looking for Terry Causey, Rod Aquino ( hope I spelled Rods last name right )
Great Pages! This has given me a lot of past to think about. Some of it seems like only yesterday. Some of it is just vauge.

Lawrence ( Mike ) Ford

Great service for all of us. If anyone who new me at Devens in 66-67; Korea 67-68; or RVN 68-70 sees this please e-mail.

Dave Blair

Great stuff.. Looking forward to the Database.. Has anyone been back to Okinawa(Torii) recently? I'm thinking about going....

Robert Paul

I fell for the recruiters "line" in '64 and went to Devens 1/64 - 6/64 for 982/98c school. First o/s tour was 318th ASA Bn Herzo Base which turned into FS Herzo before I left in 67. Returned to Devens (USASATC&S) for instructor duty 67/69. Mar 69 orders for FS SINOP (ONE LOST YEAR)(Its bad enough to be sent to Sinop, but to be sent with the class that you just graduated). To this day I still haven't been able to locate Jack Charron. Mar 70 I returned to Devens as instructor til Jul 71. Jul 71 went back to FS Herzo and in Dec 71 to FS Augsburg. Stayed in Augsburg until Sep 74 when I went to Ft Meade for CY155. Mar 75 I hauled it back to Devens and worked in Tng Lit Br as tech writer/editor with CWO James Giblin (no I don't know where he is nor can I find Paul Holister). Jun 77 I was assigned to NSA with duty at Menwith Hill Station. Nov 78 attached to Recruiting Command Hq Des Moines until Jan 80 when I returned to Devens to instruct the JrNCO Course. Dec 82 I got orders to the ASA Bn in Frankfurt. June 83 back to Devens to Tng&Eval BR until retirement in Aug 84.

Still looking for:
Roxanne "dumptruck" Turner (Augs 73/74)
Her friend "Pook"
Bruce "Dink" Bickel
Diana Barrows
Don C. Lang

Have enjoyed your guestbooks very much, thanks!

Douglas G. Berk

James Conley

Fort Ord sept 65 - dec 65
Fort Devens dec 65 nov 65
ASAFS Berlin nov 65 sept 69 on top of the hill, site 1 near red section. black section 33b, 33c. would like to hear from anybody who was at that site during that time. stationed at Andrews Barracks. HQs


DLISC Biggs Field 69-70
Asmara 70-72
146th AVN(RR) Long Thanh and Can Tho 72-73

Looking for Jim Klimmek, Warren Anderson, John Gamber, and SMAJ Gene Burris all B Co. at Asmara 71 or 72

Hap Walker

Just on the off chance, is that "Chance?" . . .that I might have run across a familiar name or reference, I searched the net and found this and Maddog's web sites. Thanks for the site; and, like some other guestbook references, I had thought that the ASA and its members had faded to dust.

I was 98C40 stationed in Sinop from 1969-70 and Bad Aibling form 1970-72, until I almost killed myself driving back hammered from the Grosskarolininfeld Fest in August 1972. I left a lot of friends there, from all of whom I have lost touch. It would be great to hear from any of them again.

David O'Connell

Still looking for Ernie Potter, Charlie Gossett, Larry Ingram and the other characters from the 138th, 1972-1973.Stop by the 138th Web Site.

Hank Schroeder

Shortly after finding this ASA site and all the links I have started an ASA chat room on IRC newnet all of this is free. The only thing you have to do is to download the chat program and run it.IRC works with any computer and OS you may be using MAC or win95 or win3.1
I think it also will work with unix. I've had a computer for almost two years now, and the only OS I know is windows95 PIRCH is a chat program as is mIRCH both are shareware but will work even if you dont pay the price and both work well with win95 or win3.1 I use PIRCH if you choose to use that one I can help you set it up. this is not a webpage it works independent of your browser but also with your browser in as much as if someone were to paste or post a URL you can click on the URL and up pops your browser and away you go. you can be on many different channels or rooms (what ever you wish to call them)and also more than one net. there are many nets such as newnet where I've started the ASA channel or undernet, galaxynet, Dalnet, EFnet and many more.
if you are use mIRC.
IRC is live real time chat. Any of you guys out there that's into html and scripts, well, you'll just love pirch and mirc. Both will let you send files to and from each other such as wav, midi, pics and text and so on. I'll place a few urls on my web page look for ASA
hope to see ya soon, Mike

Mike Ford

pls contact me if you know or been to following colin j matchett all who
been to det m mt meisner- rothwesten fs
colin shared house w/m vockerode germany

jim swink

Vern, Just wanted to check in. Have chatted with a couple of guys from SAD 1/VQ1 but have not heard from any of the guys from Det 4-2, SAD 2/VQ2; Maybe they'll turn up on your list? Then again, there weren,t many of us and we kept "shipping over" to extend our stay in the unit and maintain flight status.We had very little turnover the three years that I was with the unit. So many names, but none are familar. Thanx for helping us all come home...Swede....

Dave "Swede" Swenson

Vern, Just wanted to check in. Have chatted with a couple of guys from SAD 1/VQ1 but have not heard from any of the guys from Det 4-2, SAD 2/VQ2; Maybe they'll turn up on your list? Then again, there weren,t many of us and we kept "shipping over" to extend our stay in the unit and maintain flight status.We had very little turnover the three years that I was with the unit. So many names, but none are familar. Thanx for helping us all come home...Swede....

Dave "Swede" Swenson

Why is it that we all seem to be getting nostalgic after all these years? Why do I want to find out what happened to the guys I was in language school, Nam, and Hakata with and could care less about high school and college buddies. I'd love to hear from anyone I knew at Fort Bliss, Phu Bai, Hakata, or paradise...Shu Lin Kou, Taiwan. Thanks, Vern.

Rick DeMaria

Lostinthewoods in 67
Devens, Jul-Dec 67, 98C20 school. (Class 11, i think, had school on Saturday mornings to squeeze the 15-week course into 11 1/2 or so.
Arrived in-country Christmas Eve 67, lived in a GP medium and filled sandbags at Davis Station until transferred a day or two later to 313th at Nha Trang.
In-processed 313th, spent new year's at Nha Trang, few days later went to 330th at lovely Engineer Hill, Pleiku (center of mass AR 795 525).
Started out in tent, moved into quonset. Was in quonset (cma section under SFC "where's my mill" cantrememberhisname and SSG Max Woods from Chitose) when it was hit by mortar in the March 5 mortar attack. Remember Nick Plessas (SPT) taking charge since the E7 in charge (i think i'll go eat a egg) was at the club or something. Bobby Darin, Igor Grall and another guy were there, too. The two 403d Det guys (flakey knight and joe byrnes) were up at the club or they would've been hurt, also.
Left beautiful RVN for Ft Riley ks (326 asa co/24th id(mech). From there to Ft Hood (hhc 311th ASA) as s-3 clerk and security guard. Then back to RVN.
330th again in Feb 70, Det 8/330th when the rest went to Nha Trang. Camp Schmidt, Log Center. Got out in Feb 71.
Joined 404 ASA Co (reserves) in Austin, TX in '74, went back into Army in '78.
Misawa 78-81,
ANCOC Devens '81,
Ft Bragg (336 ASA Co C&P, later redesignated company-something of some MI battalion of 525th Gp up in 8-Tango area.
Then to a decent job for a couple years,
then made Warrant and off to Riley again (101 mi) to be punished for my sins. Apparantly that wasn't enough, went to 25th Dimension (Light) at SB, HI. (you don't have to be light to be a light fighter). Side trip to Saudi and Iraq (not nearly as much fun as pleiku). Then, to complete my penance, again to the 24th, this time at Ft Stupid, oops, Stewart Georgia. Had enough fun, retired, worked as a computer geek contractor for a few years, now work as a computer geek snivel servant. Recently got an e-mail from Doug St Denny from Det 8.

dan botta

Anyone know of SAD-3 veterans?

Bill Sholar

Ft Devens 1973-74 I Co.
FS Korea 1974-75 332nd ASA Co
Ft Bragg 1975-76 358th ASA Co
Now in Jacksonville, FL

Mike Rollins

Looking for anyone stationed at Det L,Gartow,Germany
Sept '68 to Sept '70

Rich Kreuscher

Email address correction

Rich Kreuscher

Looking for old friends. Stationed at Ft. Lewis with 60th Sig Srv Co. Nov '48 thru March '50. V.H.F.S., Petaluma, Ca. March 50 thru Dec '50. Kyoto, Japan Jan '51 thru Sept (?) '51. Pusan then Seoul, Korea Oct '51. Discharge held up 76 days Convenice of government. Had to get Army legal dept to get out. Never regretted being in service. Signed up for 3 yrs served 4 yrs 25 days. Got Truman's 1 yr extension then delayed discharge of 76 days.

Gene Slobodianuk

Was an 058 at Rothwesten, Germany from 1960-1963. Was on "Charlie Trick", 184th Co., 319th ASA Bn. Would like to hear from anyone else who was stationed there while I was. Lots of good memories!

Brian Campbell

Joined ASA 56 went to camp Gordon GA on a Sat night woke up sunday to Ft Gordon Ga left Gordon as a 722 Crypto type and was assigned to th 12th Fld Sta Chitose Hokkaido Japan from Mar 57 to June 59.
Went to Ft Monmouth NJ in 59 left as a 283 Electronic Warfare Equipment Repairman. Was assigned to beautiful Det 4 Sinope Turkey in Sept 60 left in 61 and assigned to Ft Devens. Was TDY on The US Robinson from Jan 62 to May 62 then back to Devens. Discharged as SP5 in Sept 62.

Roy Van Order

Philippines 1961-1963. Married 35 years to my beloved Filipina wife Margie. 35+ years federal service, including 3 Army, 5 P.O., and 28 BPA. Last 4 years as a power dispatcher in Vancouver,WA. Soon retiring back to Snohomish,WA home. 4 adult kids, 3 grand kids, raising 2. Ham radio call K7GZI.

Loren Troupe

Memories: "Ahead of the game" in Devens hallway with Rockefeller in 1960-61 at 058 school. 1961 in parade for General McArthur in Manila. 1961 San Miguel Beer in Angeles City with soldier who accompanied the body back home of ASA SP/4 James "Tom" Davis, first American to fall in Vietnam, on overnight stopover at Clark Field.

Loren Troupe

Great Page(s).

Ft Devens (70)
FS Berlin (71/73)
NSA, FGGM (73/76)
FS Augsburg (77/79)
303rd MI Bn, Ft Hood (80/81)
103rd MI Bn, 3ID (81/83)
104th MI Bn, 4ID (83/84)
CSG Heidelberg (84/87)
AIS Devens (87/89)
FS Augsburg (90)

Don't miss the Army, but miss the great folks I had the pleasure of working with.

Steven E. Hornberger

SOU #24

John McNair

Co. B, DLIWC: 9/72 - 9/73
Co. A, USASATC&S, Devens: 9/73 - 12/73
Co. A, USASAFS Berlin: 1/74 - 7/75
Army Det, Goodfellow AFB: 8/75 - 6/77
Co. C, DLI/FLC: 7/77 - 5/78
330th ASA Co AVN (Fwd): 5/78 - 5/81

Dennis Buck

Today was the 29th Vets' Day that I found reasons not to celebrate - but I survived it. I was expected to work today, and my daughter had to go to school. Some national holiday! She was curious why no mail was delivered. So, I taught a little history lesson - loaded the kid into the pickup and drove across the Potomac to show her The Wall. We got there well after dark, and after all the politicians had left. We had a long talk ... To all of us who survived - in spite of it all, from Kristen and me ... welcome home!

05D 372RRC '68-'69

Bill "Jake" Jacobson

Looking for anyone that was at CRS Saigon, the 509th 71-72,, and the 358th
at Ft Bragg 72-73

David J Little

851st ASA Co., 307th ASA Bn., 502nd ASA
Gp.- Kitzingen FRG 1975-1977.Any straight arrows out there?

Gordon Foster

Just found these ASA pages. I was a 05H
in Torii Station from 1972 thru 1974 and
I spent my last 6 months at Kelly A.F.B,
and I got a one year early out in Jan. 1975. I will be checking out these ASA
pages from time to time and will look forward to hearing from my old friends.


Jim Bittick

Anybody know the whereabouts of Steve Paszek, John Link, Dan McKee, Don Boggs -- all German "Marys" and all stationed at USFS-Berlin? Also, Dave Watson, a Berlin ASAer.

Donald Matthew Cooper
under construction

Looking forward to having my father visit this sight. He is a WWII and Korean War Veteran.

Lana Larsen

Being computer illerate I'm struggline to send a few emails to some of the names I recognize. (You'd think an old 05K WO would know how to do that!) I was a short one from "Tiger" Hatton who I haven't seen since 63 at Ft Meade - drunk we wuz- bad. Ken Greenwalt, a neighbor both at VHFS and Devens, and Mick McCombs - fearless flyer from Asmara. Lemme hear from you guys.

Jon M. (Mike) Brantley

Jesus, I just read my first message. I thought I could spell better than that. For any of you who might wonder if I'm the famous "batman" from the Philippines, yeah, 'fraid so. I got that nickname by hanging from the rafters in a Manila Bar by my knees. Here's a run down of this boy's service. Joined 62, 05Hwashout/05K 63, then Meade NMSD skool , on to Philippines 63-65, VHFS 65-67, Sinop 67-68, VHFS 68-69, ASMARA 69-72, Pensacola DET 72-74, SINOP 74 (med-evac'd) Devens 74-75, Meade 75-76, Pensacola 76-78, on to Augsburg 78-80, Final assignment was 319th MI Bn at Fort Bragg, retired in 83. Now working for Harris in Palm Bay as a contract administrator making use of my old clearances, if you get my drift. Wife Audrey still hanging in there, kids all grown. Don't exercise, too fat, drink too much, usual stuff.
Norm "Papasan" Adams just retired from Harris. Gerry Box was here, Joe McQuiggin, P.J. Redding, Bob Snyder. Gerry Coleman (CSM Asmara) passed on a few years back. Would love to hear from most of you. Ladies, as usual, don't call the house!

Mike Brantley

Would like to hear from old ASAers that I knew in Turkey, Alaska, Germany, or Ft.Meade & Ft. Devens.

Terry A. Preston

Trained as a 98C at Ft. Devens in '68. Got to Phu Bai (8th RRFS) in time for Thanksgiving dinner and a re-assignment to Special Services. Asked for Germany after RVN and got Arlington Hall (hmmm). Looking for Chaplain (CPT) Phelps: Paul, you wound up having a kid named after you.

John Emery

Member of Class No. 1 984.10 - Communications Security Analyst
Served 1955-58 126th ASA Co., Japan; 104th ASA Detachment, Okinawa

Dave Whitney

Devins(05H)-76-77 San Antonio, 77-78 Okinawa. Anybody remember the 14th Cont. Army (D Co. @ Devins)? Drop me a line if you were any of these times/places. I remember wearing the ASA patch as long as we could get away with it after the switch to INSCOM. Also was at Torii as duty driver the night traffic switched to driving on the left side...Great to see so many old ASAers out here...Chuck

Chuck Blair

MOS 056
Ft Devens 12/62 - 9/63
Sinop Turkey 9/63 - 10/64
Saigon VN (Davis Station) 11/64 - 11/65

Wayne Rupp

ASA all the way!

Don Phelps

Vern, glad to see you got this page up. And thanks for all the help in the past. I'm visiting Punchy Kraft in January, and damn I'm excited. ASA doesn't just live, it rules! Anyone wanting to get in touch with me can get me at home also,

Dennis St.Germaine

Was with the 224th Aviation Bn HHD from August 68 thru March 70. Served as Bn S2 clerk and then A/Sgt. Served with SP4 Thomas R. Potts and SP4 Robert Archibald. CPT Echols and CPT Malaney and MAJ Walker OIC's and a lt. Reynalds. I processed everyone for clearance in and out of country for access to restricted areas so if you were in my unit/batttalion then you met me either coming or going!! Like to hear from any of you that recall me. Also was at Vint Hills from May 70 thru May 71 ETS. First assignment was with personnel office at Arlington Hall Station Oct 67 thru Aug 68 (fond memories of all my assignments/friends/duties RR's etc)

Gerald M. Schmidt

Vern -- Sorry it's been so long since I contacted you. Lots of changes ... awaiting a new computer. Hope to help with inputting then, if you still want my help. Your buddy -- Ron Seyboldt -- says hi, too. Each time I get to check out your page, it's 10-times better than the last time ... great job! Still hoping to get in touch with Jim Turpin, Bobby Askew, Sgt. Ballantine, SSG Ballard, etc., etc., etc. Keep up the super fine work! Happy Thanksgiving, too, Vern. 73, Dan

Dan Miller, K3UFG

Was stationed at USASACUJ-Camp Drake
(Asaka)Tokyo-1970-72.Great times,great
people.Keep in touch with Land(NM)Vize(ILL)Worth(WI).Anybody know
of/where CW4Dalton or CW4Andrews is?

Allen Spry

Made my first trip to Ft. Devens 40 years ago. Am still in the business.


I'm already listed Vern.
Just wanted to to include my url.

Marvin Copeland

Stationed at Clark AFB in Phillippines with 9th USASA Field Station from March, 1957 to April, 1959. Would be interested in hearing from some old ASA buddies, including Dave Maxwell, from Pittsburgh, PA.

Bill Lowes

Did my tour with ASA (RR) from June 19, 1967 through January 21, 1971. Duty stations included: Ft Leonardwood and Ft. Devens, Helemano, Hawaii, 7th RRFS, Udorn, Thailand, 509th in Saigon and 338th in DaNang, S. Vietnam.

Peter Kempenich
None at this time

Nice to see a data base of all us "Spooks"

Ron Knief

Not tooo many Chitose folks on the books yet..but the reunion group that Ken ( has going has well over 1200 names.. check him out Kuma Station Guys.. There 's a mess of us from over the years. I was there from the end of 60 to the start of 63 as an 059..wanna swap lies about how great it was? drop a note... Trick 1.. The Grey Ghost SFC Tom Fenton was in charge of most of the world the way we saw it.... Slick Mefford was our NCOIC check out the reunion group...

Albert "Jack" DeBolt (Bowen)

I looking for anyone who was stationed Torrii Sta 104th secty det(-67-68 I was Co Clerk - ASA Hdg Korea ( I was Fastpitch softball pitcher) Co Clerk & worked S2 - 68-69 -yes I remember our hero Col Millet and his viet nam traing camp in 20 inches of snow at Ft Devins 66
- looking for Tim Jones we were togeather both okinawa & Korea or anybody who remembers me because I cann't remember anything except that I had fun

rick brown

Fort Devins 1965
Det 27 Turkey 1966-1967
175th Bien Hoa 1968
05D40 MOS

I didn't realize anyone out there still knew or cared about the ASA.
I wouldn't take anything for my 4 years. My house and all my pictures burned down a few years ago so if anyone out there has any Det 27/Ankara pictures, or any from Bien Hoa around 1968, I would love to see about getting some copies.

Bob Wright

Hqs A.S.A.E. 52-54
Great work. hope to be in touch with some of the old crew.

Jesse Inman

Ft Leonard Wood Aug 56-Oct 56
Ft Devens Oct 56 - May 57
Sinop Det 4 June 57 - June 58
Vint Hill SPU July 58 - July 59
MOS 056, 057, 058
Was I the only one at Sinop in 57-58???

Bob Harris

Stationed at HDQS> USASA-Pacific,Camp
Oji,Tokyo,Japan 1952-1953,before USASAPAC was sent to Camp Zama. Anyone know of Lt. David M. Connors?

Edmund (ED) Levy

Ft. Ord Jun 71-Oct 71
Ft. Devens Oct71-May 72 "E" Co.O5H20 MOS
VHFS May72-Oct 72
7th RRFS Udorn Oct 72-Oct 73
VHFS Oct 73-Feb 74

Looking for frends, Richard TATE "BUBBA", Peter WOODS -Las Vegas, Bill KING-Tulsa OK, Greg LOVELADY- Oxford Miss., many of the ole guys. Am in contact with Richard RHODEN. DROP A LINE. KTF


265 RRC Jan to Dec 71
374 ASA Co Ft Carson Jan-Jun72
Looking for Mike Goldman and
Dave Radzewics-05Gs

Don Matthews

i am a veteran of the fighting 371st rrc from jun 66 to nov 67 would like to hear from anyone who remembers me. if anyone has info on larry wray please contact me
thanks a lot.

jimmy lecroy (LC)

I took basic at Ft. Jackson, SC then tech school at Ft. Gordon, Ga.. Spent a short time at Ft. Devens, then went to Herzo Base, Germany for a couple years. Returned to US in January '59. I'm looking for Bobby Thomas who was from Kingsport, Tn.

Howard D. Rawls

Was at Devans 57 to 58 then on to the 14th Fld Sta as a 059 till 60. Are any of the old gang out there? Remember the Green Dragon? Great times!

Don Ritter

54th USASA SOC then 78th SUAUA FS
Berlin, GER - May '66 to Jun '96
Site #3 - Maintenance (33B)

Ed Parker

Devens in 1966 to 17thFS Rothweston, Germany.
This is great..I have talked with and found several of those I pulled my time with in a previous life. We did exist after all..
Thanks Vern.

Hub Panther

Devens in 1966 to 17thFS Rothweston, Germany.
This is great..I have talked with and found several of those I pulled my time with in a previous life. We did exist after all..
Thanks Vern.

Hub Panther

looking for anyone at HqUSASE
Frankfurt 1965-1968

Rick Miller

looking for anyone at HqUSASE
Frankfurt 1965-1968

Rick Miller

Great Pages!!!!!!!!!!

Gary Holloway

Been a long time.

Robert Wright

Where are all the guys I served with 63-67? Devens made me a 286.1. I spent 2 years making others electronics experts. Off ot 408th RRD in 66. 177th in Korea in 67. Since finding this stuff on the net, many memories have returned. Sure would like to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Al Kamminga

Basic at Ft. Jackson '74
AIT & TAOT (05H) at Ft Devens, '74/75
Torii Station - April 75 through Sept 77
Re-up out of ASA due to INSCOM and went to Ft. B. Harrison, IN for 74F school.
Back to Ft. Devens (USASAC&S, DOS) from Feb 78 to Oct 82
USAF&A Korea (Yongsan) Nov 82 to Sep 85
CECOM, LCSE (Ft. Monmouth, NJ) Oct 85 to Nov 88
WOEC, Ft Rucker, AL Nov 88 to Jan 89
WOTTCC, Ft. Ben Harrison, Jan 89 to Jun 89
902d MI Gp, AISSD, Jul 89 to Aug 94
Some passing curiousity about the folks I served with at Torii Station. If anyone can focus through the haze, drop me a line...


I was drafted 10NOV72. Did basic at Dix. Went to Devens in Spring of '73. Couldn't hack 15GPM, so became a 98J20. Sent to Shemya as "reward" for graduating highest in class. Land on the "Rock" in January of '74 and got an "Xmas hit" in December [brought the "short board" home with me before it was turned over to the civies]. Got sent to USASAT&EC at Ft. Hoochicoochi. ETS'd 15NOV75. Went to college at Lock Haven State College in PA. Graduated with a BS in Comp Sci and went to work in the Kodak Research Labs. Got patents. Got inventions. Got laid off. Now a contract/temp systems engineer.
Like to find Bob Cole [from Brazos area, went to school at Texas Tech and went to Thailand after Devens], Mike Greer [from Kentucky], Mike Miller [from LA], and Stefen Beck who I served/survived with in Shemya, and Kathy Jameson [met at Devens before she went to Germany and then to Indianapolis to raise a family]. TIA!

Bruce Rubin

Would like to locate anyone that was in COMSEC 313TH RR BN 67-70 or Security Co. Torri Station Okinawa. Very good site.


Ft. Leonard Wood D23 1961
Ft. Devens 058 1961
Sinop 1962
Rothwesten, Germany 1963
out in Feb. 1964

I maintain ever growing lists of people who have served in either Rothwesten, Germany or Sinop, Turkey. Most of these names and info have come from folks like yourself who have contacted me. If you have ever served in either place, I would like to hear from you so that you might help add even more names (and even addresses if possible) to the lists.

Anyone who would like to have a current Sinop or Rothwesten list sent to them, please contact me.

Yes, I lived many years in Kassel as a civilian after my military duty. I still have many friends there, and also have a couple of sons who live there. Anyone planning to go back is welcome to contact me for info.

Ron Sowinski

Thanks Vern- you found Col. John J. McFadden alive and well in Florida for me and we have spoken twice and I have written him a long letter detailing for him exactly how he was such a big influence in my life. I have found out from others that he also had a profound effect on their lives as well. Anyone who would like to correspond with Col. Mac can contact me and I will be happy to give you an address and phone #.

Mike Hannan

Mike Hannan

Looking for anyone that served at the USA SOU23 unit in Pakistan, 1968-1969. We worked WEIRD stuff. Used K,H,D and other 05 MOS skills. Even 93G, I believe.Had more fun at Bad Aibling when we closed and moved to Auggie in 1971/72. What a hoot. Terrible idea, but no one asked the ops.

Geoffrey Cline

Served at Phu Bai with the 8th RRFS from Apr 71 to Mar 72, Would like to hear from anyone there at that time, especially any 98C20's.

Jerry Mohn

would like to hear from anyone (69-70) tty/crypto from the 313th,or who helped move our sister company from An Khe to Pleiku, driving the An Khe Pass.
I was in Nha Trang when we converted from the old comm ctr to the new one.
Richard (the mad Russian) Romanowicz(sp)
David "Whitey" White
John Cullen
Steve Yen
That "flight suited C.O." with the shoulder holster!
Bob Blasingame
Bob Valentine

Barry Singer

Ft Devens 60
12th USASA FS 5/60-5/62
12TH USASA FS 2/63-2/66
AHS 6/66-11/66
335th ASA Co, Ft Riley, KS 11/66-1/67
335th RRC, RVN 1/67-1/68
Then out of the ASA into Attache duty

Have already joined the Chitose group and the NASAA.

Retired Feb 80 as a CW2 Club Manager, had a lot of fun in the Army especially in the ASA, but the attache duty was also great.

Charles Moore

Don't seem many guys from the 14th here!
Hakata must have been too good a tour.
would like to hear from MGSgt Schneider (marine) who was in my class at devens and was my ncoic at the 8th. Also anyone from hakata 68/69 or the 8th 69/71.

John Worrel

Did my tour at Hakata 14 USASAFS around 69. sure had some good memories at that place. was a 35b20 (test equipment repair and maintance)worked in the maintance dept. at the end of the t.
sure would like to hear any of the guys from the 14th. some of the names I remember were "Fishpaw" "Larry Newman"
well u guys know who u were. let me here from u

Richard Green Jr

Did my tour at Hakata 14 USASAFS around 69. sure had some good memories at that place. was a 35b20 (test equipment repair and maintance)worked in the maintance dept. at the end of the t.
sure would like to hear any of the guys from the 14th. some of the names I remember were "Fishpaw" "Larry Newman"
well u guys know who u were. let me here from u

Richard Green Jr

Looking for anyone who was at HQ Co. 508th Korea from 66-67. Also looking for Ben Prezmicki and Warren Umeda.

Curt Shaffer

Looking for any of the guys who were in the 408th in Pannama between 1970-72. Would really like to find my old pal Bob Moskovitz from the Boston area. I have a large collection of our old newsletters from our company. Talk about a hoot. Please e mail me if you were there.

Jeff Juntunen



I still have hazy memories of barracks parties and listening to a lot of Firesign Theatre...Ramasun 73

Craig Chisholm

I was in the ASA 1965-69, basic at Ft. Ord, and AIT also Ft. Ord. I am looking for a Carl D. Johnson, went to Turkey in 1966. Carl was from the state of WA. Also trying to find a Ron Foster from NY. I also was at the 12th ASA Fld St. 1966-1967, if Sgt. Van Hefty sees this contact me...

Mike Wagnon

at 12th USASA Fld St 1966-67
372nd RR Co 1968

Mike Wagnon

at 12th USASA Fld St 1966-67
372nd RR Co 1968
USASATEC Ft. Huachuca
looking for all my friends that were there at that time in sig maint.

Mike Wagnon

Great to see that us old "lightning fast chicken pluckers" are still alive and kicking!!!
Stumbled across this page by accident and haven't been able to leave. Thanks Vern.

Tom Maloney

Looking for anyone who served at Futenma and/or Sobe on Okinawa in the 50s. Data base of over 800 names of guys who served on Oki during that time. Many career soldiers in db. Need help on finding the remaining 1200 names on my missing list. Also keep a deceased list.

Paul Watson

Anybody at ALS/Monterey 1961-62 or Fort Meade 1962-63?

Dave Moore

Great seeing all the people that still have an interest in the ASA. Like some others, I thought I was the only nut who
kept thinking back to the good old days
I was a 981/982 at Sinop 63-64 & NSA Ft. Meade 64/65.
Have been trying to locate Al Van Brocklen(Scotia NY) last known duty sta
was Ft. Huachuca. I believe he was a D/F...Once again,a great page

Pete Carston

Basic at Ft. Dix 1966
USASESS at Ft. Gordon 1966-67
509th Radio Research 1967-68
USASACUJ 1968-70

It's great going through the guest books and going down memory lane!

Roy Lynn

66-67 Ft. Devens 34B
67-68 508th & 177th Korea.
68-70 Ft. Devens.
Member of the ASA Rifle team.
First Place team in matches at Devens.
Great Job. Enjoy the Site...

Terry Tyler

ASA '64 to '70.
Co A, 508th USASAGP, Korea: 10/64-10/65
Det 1, RRU/404th RRD, Bien Hoa, RVN:12/65-11/66.
Devens, Instructor:1/67-7/67
DLIWC, Monterey, CA, German "Mary": 7/67-2/68
Goodfellow AFB: 3/68-6/68
Co B, USASAFSB, Andrews Barracks and Teufelsberg, "A" Trick, Room 2 and the Pit: 7/68-10/70.

Mike Atwell

Great stuff Vern!!!
Joined ASA in '73
Went to Monterey for the VN class then
Ft Devens in '74
7th "Rock and Roll Freak Show" from 74-75 as 98C3LVN.
Later learned Russian and after short stint as an MP went to the 307th ASA BN
in Germany ("Patch Check!!!!") ended up
in Co A, 1st BN, CONUS MI Group till I got out in '86. Anyone from the 7th, 307th or CONUS MI let me know.


Tim Ruland

Even though I had a Signal Corps MOS, 31S, Crypto Repair, the ASA units I served with treated me as one of their own. I will always cherish my memories of my first seven years in the Army, where I served in three different ASA units.

Rich Evans

Would like to get in touch with other
303RD vets. Nov 68 - Nov 69.

Dwight E Hoskins



Would like to catch up with anybody I served with:
HHC 224th Avn Bn (Lonely ringer)1970
1st RR (Crazy Cats)70-71
HHC 224th Avn Bn 72-73
FS Homestead
7th RRFS 73-75
Also have in my possession the big painted Lonely Ringer sign (Ye Old Trivettes Tavern)that hung over the picnic area at Long Thanh North and a big painting of the Crazy Cat. Eat ur hearts out boys. And the original guidon from the HHC 224th. Drop me a line and even if not served with you will respond. ASA will live 4 ever

This site is the best on the net!!!!!!!!!!

Howard G. Sobel

Thanks for your work, Vern. Great job and a great opportunity for us old soldiers. I was an MP in ASA for six years in Asmara/Phu Bia/Quang Tri/Bad Aibling and Ft. Bliss. Looking for any ASA MP types or anyone else who might remember me for that matter.

Jimmy Padgett

Joined ASA in 1963, got to Devens in Jan 64. Got sent to that place where ASA was never assigned in Sep 64 and stayed for a whole year in sunny Phu Bai. Got to see the Trailers arrive...The a/c did work at first.
Went back to Devens as an Instructor, then to Homestead for 2 months before levied to Thailand in 67. Spent 15 months in Udorn then back to Ft Bragg. Got assigned to 14th Field Station before I could get to Jump School. Three years later got to Ft. Riley. Re-upped to avoid REFORGER 73. Went back to Thailand (Chaing Mai and Ubon this time) then back to Ft Bliss to fly ARDF. Re-upped again to go to Thailand in 75 but got sent to Korea instead...
Brought back a wife that has blonde hair , and speaks Korean. Another tour at Devens, got appointed to Warrant in 80 and spent three years with the 8th Infantry Div in Germany before landing here at Huachuca in 83 then retirement in 84

Great work Vern... Keep it up
(. .)
( Y )


Henry Jones

Looking for any onewho was at Wildwood Sta. Kenai Alaska 1953 to 1956. any who knows the where abouts of Jerry Knight 33z type Chitose Japan 64-66. And any one from the 374th ASA Ft Carson 1971-72. Thanks Vern for this service.

Richard(Frenchey) Coulier

Glad to see so many old ASA types. Really didn't think we would ever be allowed to do something like this. It's the age we live in now. It would be hard to stop. Anyway, who cares about a bunch of old spooks anyway? Any old Project Wildbore people around, give me a whistle. Any Bad Assers, especially those from "C" Branch give a call as well. Would like to contact so many different guys. It could happen. Bad Aibling was the only field assignment I ever had and quite frankly it could not have been a better one. Lots of good times at the Rod & Gun Club. I still remember how good the music was with Deakmans (?) Green Apple Quickstep Band at the EM club. All in all the best guys I've ever been around in my life. I am sorry I didn't recognize that at the time. Good Page.

Peterie, Maynard

Basic: 1970 Ft Leonard Wood, MO
04B2LVN: DLISW Ft Bliss Class 3N-47-71
Radio school - USAFSS Goodfellow AFB,TX
RVN - 175th RRFS 72-73 ( Saigon, just after move from Bien Hoa )
303RD ASA Bn - Fort Hood, TX ETS: Sep 73

Looking for Christopher Gage - Beleive he lived in SoCal somewhere

Allan Kush

Non ASA from 1954 to 1956, went to Devens (058)school, '56, Torii Station '56 - '59, TRRS '59 - '61, 319th ASABN '61 - '64. Married German National, lost need to know and went to Redstone Arsenal to study Nike Hercules Radar repair. Retired May 1974. Would like to hear from Edwin Webb, Jim Tillman, Roy Spence and James Woods, or anyone else who might remember this old war horse. Keep up the good work Vern.

Harry Broxson

Intercept Equipment Repair, MOS ???, USASASOUTHCOM Ft. Clayton, Canal Zone, 1966. Airborn Radar Repair, MOS 26M20, 146th Aviation Company (RR), Davis Station, Tan Son Nhut, March 1967-November 1968. It would be great to hear from some of the guys! Would like to locate Arthur J. Feldman II, he was also at Ft. Clayton 1966-??. I am
in touch with Randy Bemis, Harry Findley, Ron Glenn, and Gary McNiel from the 146th if any one would like to get in touch with them. I wish I could remember more of the names. I did a brain dump when I got out in '68.

Larry Adams

Basic Ft Leonard Wood 59 went to ASA as ojt "volunteer" sent to 507th Hielbronn then to 507th usasa gp Baumholder 60 to 62 any one out there from the (Group)

Charlie Ziehl

I was in ASA, as an MP from Aug 68 to Aug 74. Kagnew from Jan to Aug 69, 1049'd for RVN, Phu Bai and Quang Tri from Sept 69 to Sept 70. Then to Bad Aibling from Nov 70 to Nov 73, then EW Co at Ft. Bliss from Dec 73 to Aug 74. Thanks, Vern!
Jimmy Padgett

Jimmy Padgett

I was in ASA, as an MP from Aug 68 to Aug 74. Kagnew from Jan to Aug 69, 1049'd for RVN, Phu Bai and Quang Tri from Sept 69 to Sept 70. Then to Bad Aibling from Nov 70 to Nov 73, then EW Co at Ft. Bliss from Dec 73 to Aug 74. Thanks, Vern!
Jimmy Padgett

Jimmy Padgett

Great website! I served at Arlington Hall Station in the Unit Personnel Office, probably processed some of you guys port calls and passports from 1964 - 1966. Stationed at 12th USASAFS 1966-1969 and 8th RRFS 1969-1970 as Personnel Sgt. Worked part time as Night Manager of the NCO Club at the 8th. Looking for "Red" Carfrey, a 7lL that worked S2 and an MP named Rogers from the 8th. Also looking for John A. Carr, 71L, last known at the 14th FS and John G. (Jim) Taylor III from HQ USASAPAC G1. Also looking for any pictures of Chitose, Phu Bai, Chu Lai and the Hall. House burned and lost all photos.

Kenneth P. Tucker

Great page I just found it tonight an think that you are doing a great job with bring ASA vets back together again
I am retired with 30 years of ASA/Inscom service.Like to hear form some of the people that I served with I will be back with some morew info later good night an keep up the good work!

Vince Durante

1961-1964 ASA unit member, last unit was the 330th of the 303rd. Fort Wolters

Paul R. Hopkins

Amature Radio call is K7PH, I now work for the FAA Airways Facilities at the Dallas Ft. Worth airport.


Just a short note to say howdy.. Hoping to see a few names of the guys I served with in Rothwesten 319th ('64-65)and 371st RRU RVN ('66-67). Better yet I hope they've forgotten the episodes at the Duceldorfinhof ! :-)

Bruce Publicover

It's great to find this site after all these years. Sometimes I think the ASA has just up and fadded away.
I was at 7th RRFS from 11/72 till 11/73...VHFS 73 till 74... San Antonio, Texas after they closed VHFS till discharged in Feb. of 1975.
I would like to find ........

Or anyone else that was at the 7th at the same time.

Thanks for the site !!!!!

Ken Moseley



Bruce W. Mathis

Devens 73
370th at Vint Hill 73 to 75
any of the old gang around ?
remember the O.U.T.S ?

jeff leach

Vern, just wanted to give you my latest
email address. Bill

Bill Wetzel