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Looking for vets of 8605th, Helemano, Hi.
from 1940's thru closing. Contact:

Russ Koelmel

Served with ASACARIB Pamama 61-63.
I would like to hear from others who
were there also.

Dick Brundage

Sured with ASA'ers at the following:
1955 - 1961 Non-ASA
1962 - 1964 ASA Ft Walters TX., 330th ASA Co
1964 - 1965 Sinop, Turkey Det 4
1965 - 1965 Vent Hill Farms, Va
1974 - 1994 524th ASA Co USA Reserves. Detroit, Mi
MOS were 72b40, 98c, 98z5
Retired last year with 32 years of total
service 10 years active and 22 years Reservs. It was the best time in the Military with ASA. Mainly for the people.

Marion Papciak

I am proud to have served in the Agency from January 1968 to January 1972. Would like to hear from anyone who was in Korea from 1969 through 1971 at the following locations: Company A from April '69 through September'69, or Det. K at I Corps (Camp Red Cloud) October'69 or Operations Company Kang Hwa Do from October 1969 through December 1971. Great Web Page, Vern. Thanks for your great effort and keep up the great job.

James J. Pryor

Served co b 508th 63-67 in korea.
Looking for spooks who served these years in the ole vill outside
camp casey. good times for all.

Ted M. Spivey

I served from Jun 66 - Jan 70. Was assigned to HHC, 311th ASA BN, Ft Wolters, Tx Dec 66 - Aug 67. Ft Devens, MA, 98J school Aug 67 - Mar 68. 371st RRC (1st Cav) Apr 68 to Dec 68, USASAOC Kwangwha-do Korea Dec 68 to Jan 70. Would like to find Richard A. Sherwood was from Indiana and served in 371st and at Ft Devens from Aug 67 to dec 68 with me. Also, John Schofield or others from KwangWha Do, Korea. If member of 371st go to Web Page set up there at so far there are a few of those types there.

David Parnell

I would like to hear from anyone who served at Company A, USASAGPK from April 1969 through September 1969 or US ASA Operations Company, Kang Hwa Do, Korea between October, 1969 and December, 1971.
Great Web Page, Vern. Keep up the great Job.

Jim Pryor

Enlisted ASA Aug 63; completed AIT USASESC, Ft Gordon, Jan 64; Det 27, Manzareli Station, Turkey, Feb 64-Aug 65; 313th RRBN, Ft. Bragg, Aug 65-Mar 66; 313th RRU/BN, Nha Trang, VN; 373d ASA Co, Ft Hood, Texas, Mar 67-Oct 67. Great finding ASA Information..been a long time.

Robert (BoB)B. Dandridge

Vern I just filled out the registrations form. You may have already had all the info but filled it out just in case. I goofed up and only put the date of assignment to the units not the years I was in the unit. Sorry. Bill

Bill Wetzel

The reunion for '50-'60 vets of the 8603 DU, Sobe, is at the Breckenridge Inn, Louisville, KY, September 25-28, 1997. Call Linda or Ingrid at 1-800-449-8387 for reservations. $455 per couple or 327 single. Contact me if you have any questions. I enjoyed reading the guestbook.

Dick Arps

attempt to locate john a millard and james l christ both "boat people" with the 330th 1966-1967 please help,skate on.

Monte J. Smith

72B40--Seoul, Oki, Saigon, Udorn, ETS @
Vint Hill--68

Glenn Eckfeld

Nice work. Looking for Viet Linguists from Monterey 1969 and SEA 1970 - 1972. I was AF at Kadena, Torii, Cam Ranh Bay adn NKP.

Steve Wojtkiewicz

Looking for any one who served with the 331st Comm Recon Co. or the 307th Comm Recon Bn. in Germany 1954 - 1956. I was at Giessen, Rothwesten, Bahrdorf, Sollingen, Altefeld and other outstations.

Dean Slagle
GDSLGL@aol. com or

VHFS,FS Korea, FS Kunia

Dennis Allen

1967 - TRRS. 1969 - Sinop Turkey Det 4 - played in RAW MEAT (the club Band) w/ Frank Lamonica, Mike Rastatter and Farfel?, the drummer. 1970 - Camp Humphries Korea - Built outposts and antenna systems - Pissed on a hat at Duffies Bar. Kinda disgusting, now. Oh well, I was young and stupid. It's a wonder we all didn't catch more than a case of crabs.

Dick Snider

3/68 Ft Leonard Wood - Basic
6/68 Ft Gordon Teletype/Advanced
2/69 Keesler AFB High Spped Teletype
6/69 Torii Station
11/70 Ramasun
5/72 Back hhome

Al LEwis

Larry Frayer

Was at 14th USASA (Brady AFB) from Sept. 1959 to July 1961, trick 4
Would like to hear from any there at
the time. Remember Ikada Bar!!

Larry Frayer

Served at 8603d DU / 3d US ASA FS, Sobe , Okinawa, June 55 to October 57. MOS 982.

Developed DATABASE of 2200+ names and service numbers using info from NPRC and orders saved by found vets. Have located 800 living Sobe/Futenma vets.
Found 130 +/- deceased. Still 1200 on the missing list.

Paul C Watson

clicked on send-it before noticing that there was no date associated with my database. DB starts in 1953 and ends in 1960. Someone else will have to pick up after 1960.

Paul C Watson

Ft Jackson - July-Sep 66
Ft. Devens - Oct 66- Jun67
ASA Hawaii - Jul67 - Apr 68
(TDY Bangkok & Udorn Sep-Dec67)
328th RR, Chu Lai - May 68-Apr69
(Det 3, LZ Bayonet)
ASA Korea, 2nd Inf Div Apr 69-apr70

Bob Howell

058 stationed in Sinop in '63, and Rothwesten in '64 and '65. Would like to hear from others who served around this time period.

Bob Shadwick

98G2LRU, arrived in Augsburg at 326th ASA Co in JAN/78. Left in JUN/78 for Detachment Wobeck. Left Wobeck and Army in JUN/80.

Brent M. Baginski

I was happy and proud to find the ASA website. Hope to keep in touch.

After getting out in '73, I joined an ASA reseve unit in NJ. but has sinced disbanded in 1988.

Steve Liebeurm

great page....brings back a lot of memories. Looking for anyone assigned to 415th ASA Co. 75-78. Also looking for members of Russian program at DLI from 73-74. Noticed the 1st ASA Co (AVN) note. Was part of the EW/MI TOC during that REFORGER...we kicked butt...made the 101st look pretty bad, made the 8th Infantry look great, and they were. Kudos to you for a fine net it bookmarked. Thanx!

Joseph W. Eberly

Hey great site!
Enlisted 1975 basic at Ft. Ord. 98C at Ft Devens 1976 374th ASA Ft Carson, 1977
307th ASA BN Germany 1980 Det Wobeck. Am looking for any Charlies out of the last
class at Devens.(Last of the best!) And anyone from DET WOBECK!

Jay Dee Nance

Looking for anyone with the 509th RRCUV 71-72 and 358th at Ft Bragg 72-73

David J Little

thanks for your previous help. glad to see how well you are doing with this. any 335th folks seeing this please contact me or marc robinson

larry armstrong

Served at USASAFS 8609, Clark Air Force Base, Philippines from 1952 to 1954. MOS for HS Morse code intercept was 3717 and 1717 in those days.

Richard J Lay

Great Site, Thanks for all your efforts for all us EX ASA'ers.

Paul (Jay) Mason

Ft. Ord: '66
Ft. Devens '66-'67
Ft. Clayton '67
Phu Bai 8RRFS '67-'68
Korea Det. B '68-'69

I was an 05D in all those places and would love to hear from anyone who might hhave been there around those times.

Dale Roberts

But neglected to enter his email address!
So I can't send him ths URL ofthe DB.
Please get back in touch Maurice! - VERN

Looking for:
Who Posted his Info to me
Maurice Cardinal

I was stationed at 12 ASASAFS trick 4 from June 65 to June 67. I am looking for Bill Chambers who lived in Birmingham Alabama, Jerry Montcastle from New Jersey and Mark Coons from Tex.


I wasA torii station Jan 74 to Dec 76 . I was a 33c20 Electronics Maint."E" me you all. I found out Shelly Rabon died in germany in 78.

Ken D. Anderson

Great stuff,

Have sooooo many pictures of the 7th

Dennis Mosley

Wondering if you were gonna list my web page as a link off of yours. Check it out and let me know if it meets ur standards


Ralph Kennedy

Looking for Bob Duggar (98C), Tony Littrell (98G), Charlie Land (05H) and anyone from the TA Shop at Site 4 (Gruenni), FS-Berlin twixt '70 & '74

Blake "Russ" Proctor

Gregg Maxon

Great site! I go back through photos of ASA assignments periodically to refresh my memory on faces.

ASA assignments:
1966 - 1969 S2 ASAComUnit PI
1969 -1970 S3 509th HQ
1970 -1971 ASA Rep New Orleans
1971 - 1972 S2 VHFS
1976 - 1978 CI Covering Agent, VHFS

Current contact with following former

Charlie Brown (98C?) Germany 60 -61
Wm E. (Bill) Ilsley (9th FS early 60s
and Phu Bai in mid- 60s. Was 03/04

Dave George

I registered already--just figured that I'm better known by my Berlin nom du guerre. Was @ 7th RRFS 69-70 and FS-B 70-74. Just found this site. God, I'm glad I'm not the only one who remenbers ASA with (bittersweet?) affection--thought I was a little strange; now I see we ALL are. WHEW!!

Russ Proctor (Harry the Bear)

Enlisted 1959 as 95B MP, served Pan Mun Jom Korea 59-60, deros'd to Ft Snelling, MN as AWOL chaser. Reinlisted into ASA in 1962 as 059(K) only had to breath that I wanted to be an 05H and it was done. Korea 177th ASA Opns CO 63-64
Two Rock Ranch Station (Live & WB) 64-65
Kagnew Station Ethiopia (All POS) 65-67
Vint Hill 370th ASA Co 67-68
Cu Chi, RVN, 372nd RRU, Apr 68-Jul68
Danang, RVN, 138th AVN Co JY 68 MR 69
Kagnew Station Ethiopia Apr 69-Jul71
Hospital Fort Campbell Ky Jul 71-Mar 72
7th RRFS Udorn Thailand FEB 74-FEB 75
ASA Field Rep St Louis FEB 75 Jul 78
5 Heart Attacks later retired 07/27/78

Have always been proud of the time I spent in the service and have found many good and lasting friendships over the years. I have kept contact and am currently in contact with at least two persons fm each of the above assignments and in some cases more.
Stu Aronow 177th 63-64 TRRS 64-65
Dave Lundak 177th 63-64 TRRS 64-65
Bill Corazzo 177th 63-64 TRRS 64-65
Wes Sewel 177th 62-64 TRRS 64-65
Fred Harrell 177th 63-64 TRRS 64-66
Kagnew 66-69, Ft Devens Many
Jim Homan 177th 63-64 TRRS 64-65
Phil Sousa TRRS 64-66 Kagnew 66-67
Oran (Bud)Silvey Kagnew 65-68, Devens 76
Ray Coffee (deceased)
John Thunert (deceased)
Gary Cox Kagnew 65-67 RVN 68-70 VHFS 71-
Gary Beam RVN 67-69, Augsburg 69-?
Lt Mike Lane Danang RCN 68-69
Jerry Dobson RVN 65-66, Kagnew 68-70
VHFS 71-73 Ft Stewart GA MI 88-Retire
Julius (Jude) Milam Udorn 68-69 Kagnew 69-71
Felix Herubin Kagnew 65-68, Bliss 72-74
Jon Brantly Kagnew 66-68
Larry T Warren VHFS 66-68, Hawaii 68-70
Phu Bai RVN 70-71, Bliss 71-74
CWO Jim Murhpy 156th 70-71, Bliss 71-74

Anyone wishing to contact these guys let me know at

To Vern - thanks for you site it is a thing whose time has come and you are doing it well.

Mick McCombs
(The Greatest Skater The World Has Ever Known)

Mick McCombs

I was in the ASA from 1965 to 1973.
Fort Devens, 1965-66
76th USASA SOU (Taiwan) 1966-68
330th RRFS (Pleiku, RVN) 1968-69
76th USASA SOU (Taiwan) 1969-1971
Vint Hill Farms Station, Warrenton, VA 1971-1972
7th RRFS (Ramasun/Udorn, Thailand) 1972-73
I then got out of the Army and went back to college in Sacramento, California.
I would like to hear from any ex-ASA types, especially those who served in the same duty locations.

Gary T. Young

Harry S. Pierce

Before I get any wise axx comments on my email address - think about how hard it is to come up with a distinctive/descriptive screen name when ur moniker is Smith...

Mike Wagner, Dave Morgan, et all: About time we had a Sinop restoration crew reunion?

Jim Smith

326 ASA Augsburg, Germany
FT. Riley

Lee Rogers

Spent almost 3 great years in ASA! Training at Ft Devens (1971-72) and 33D work at TUSLOG DET 4, Sinop, Turkey. I would like to hear from some of the old gang from Sinop. By the way, I stopped by old Ft Devens (now Devens, MA) a couple weeks ago. Although no longer an active Army base, most of the buildings are still there, and open to the public. Brought back many good memories!

Kevin Reichley

Looking for old friends!

Larry M. Chartier

1960 Ft. Devens
1960-1963 9th USASAFS (PI)
1961 5th RRU (TDY)
1962 5th RRU (TDY)

Jim Murphy

Like the new look Vern, just got back to it, great, still looking for the Wop from the 330th RRC Pleiku 67-68

Kenneth Long

Great Web Page Vern. I took basic at Fort Dix, May - July 1975. Then I went to Fort Gordon for 72E10 school. I spent the rest of my tour (two and a half years)at Torii station. I brought my wife over a couple of months later. We have many fond memories of Torii, Okinawa, and the friends that we made. Our daughter was born at Camp Kue hospital. After a year we had to take off the ASA patch and wear the insignia of the signal corps. I still think of myself as ASA. We still keep in touch with Sgt Baltich, Steve Johnson, and Teresa Burt. (Her name was Parker, but she married a Navy Corpsman while on the island.) Any one know of Jim Miller, Mark Alva or Doug Melville. All 72E's.

Steve Parlette

Anyone out there old enough to have served in the 126th Sig Svc Co in Kyoto, Japan (1950-51)or the 326th Comm Recon Co in Korea (1951-52), give me a
holler. Would love to hear from you.

Fred Roth

Ft Devens Jan. to july 66 98c20
Ft Lewis to Vietnam
Vietnam Sep 66 to Apr 68 374th RRC and 330th RRC Hakate 14th USASA FS Apr 68 to July 69 P. O. BOX 409327 Chicago, Illinois 60640-9327

Nick Dennis plessas

Hey.. Me?? I'm interested in ASA pilot types I went to flight school with: Jeff Wright, Ed Gore, Jim Enault, Kevin McKeon, Howard Willhoite, Greg Whitting, Jim Henry, Wally Ingram, and Fred Pfeiffer. Also anyone from the 138th in RVN 71-72 or 373d @ Ft. Hood.. Best to all...

Bill Eggleston

"Chui" from the 7th RRu and later the 101st RRC says "I'm not dead yet to Len "Lenny" Manelski, Brad "Willie" Williams, and "Kubala"
We were the first 05G30's assigned to the new platoons in I, II, III & IV Corps. Willie was in the Delta. Lenny was in III Corps and I was in II at Pleiku (That was McCann's Snake) and then ended up with the 1st Platoon in Danang. Kubala took my place at the Big Red One when I got sick and missed the shipment to RVN. He still hasn't forgiven me. I spent 31 months in-country - From Dong Ha to Xuan Loc. Dedicated to the memory of Sammy Martin, KIA

Tino "Chui" Banuelos

Cool! ASA All The Way!!!!

Thomas R. McCandless III

Enlisted in 1969...
7th RRFS - Nov 69 - Nov 70
Short stint at VHF....then re-upped for FS Berlin Mar 71-Mar 74....
Part of the advance party at Alamo Station, in San preparation for the closing and relocation of VHF....ETS 1976 in San Antonio.....Looking for anyone whose tours coincided with mine at those locations....

Jose (Joe) Peniza

Very interesting to see ASA web pages. I thought we were all forgotten. Would like to hear from anyone from the 8612 DU 1955-1957, and especially from anyone from the Wakkanai TDY Nov.1956-March 1957...there were only 4 of us.

Jim Burris

Basic Ft. Jackson '67
35B20 school Ft. Gordon '68
Torii Station '68-'70
VHF '70 (6months )
7thRRFS Udorn Thailand '70-'71

Keep up the great work.

Paul Huber

Active duty Jan 71 - Jan 77, USASATC&S 4-71 TO 4-72 O5K20J4 FS Augsburg 10-72 to 12-75. Ft Hood, TX 1-76 to 1-77. Reserve duty Feb 77 to Mar 96 (25 yrs) 98G - 98Z. 200th ASA SigSec Det., 319th MI Bde. Looking for Mike Crowley from FSA tour.


Looking for anyone who was at David Station, Vietnam 1/69 -9/69

Ira Drucks

Tour of duty from 2/52 - 2/55
Basic Ft. Riley Kansas
Intercept School Ft. Devens
Low Level Language Training Arlington
329th Comm Recon Forward Detachment Korea 3/53-9/53 327th Comm Recon - Kyoto 9/53 - 1/55 with about 3 months away in 1954 on TDY to Thailand.
Really enjoying these ASA sites. But don't read much about my era.
Best Regards

Kenneth O. Schoenlein

I linked to your page Via Maddog and his talented and wild tribute to ASA Vets. I enjoy and indulge myself with every visit. I was in the 126th USASA later to become the 104th USASA on Okinawa 56 thru 59. Many fond memories but unfortunately I can't recall much beyond 9PM. Okinawa was pleasant duty until the Marines arrived.

Jerry Beingesser

Devens 67-68 HQ Co. & Co. E
138th Avn DaNang 1968
Claude Poirier I see you are listed in the db but no e-mail. contact me

Jan Rovner

ft devens nov 62 may 63 nsa mnsd school june 63 oct 63 14th usasafs japan 1963-65 trick 3 059/MNSD

lewis hatton

ASA 1957 - 1977. Really great people and some super times. Trust that I gave as much as I received.

Pete Giese

Ausgezeichnet! I'll pass this site on to some more old "Lightning Fast Chicken Pluckers" I know.

Jon Glassford

neat site and interesting to see all the asa guys checking in, was an 058 then also picked up maintenance and 2 languages retired 77 as 98Z

Jere Dillon

Glad to see all the asa folks checking in started as an 058, picked up maintenance and 2 languages, retired in 77 as 98Z

Jere Dillon

doing a great job how do I get a coppy of names on your list

Marion R. Papciak

Det L1 (Mahring) of 318 USASA (Herzo)
1961-1964: looking for Tony Noll (sp), Karl Wing (re-enlisted), John Callahan (NYC), Steve Johnson (Maine), Gary Ramsey (Peoria), Phil Scott (Spfld, MA), Bill McKone (NSA), Neil Winston (St. Paul/Jezek), Bill Casey (NH), MSGT Jantzen, Phil Heinicke (CO), COL McFadden, Ron Crawford (ASA/CI/D.C.), Det J1, CO A, CO B, 182, 187th SOU; revisited Tirschenrueth (Gasthaus Fennerl gone), Mahring & Prague 11/96 and 03/97. Brophy

John Brophy

Stationed at 777thSOU PI 65-67
tour of Saigon 66 TDY /Vint Hill Sta
67. Looking for some old Philippine
ASA'ers. Love that San Miguel Beer.

Charles W. Wells III
none yet

Bad Aibling 9/70-6/72
Augsburg 6/72-12/72
The memories! The Chance. The B.A. Downhill Drinkers trips to Kitz. The H.B . Haus. Bledsoes Mustang on the bahn. The "Zone". Ludwigs. Whitcombs for the Ali/Frazier fight. McKay almost killing me in his Alfa. My first ride on a Norton....Thanks Vern. Great site!

Greg Nolan

Right on! I'm getting calls and finding guys I havn't heard of for 40 years! Anyone in the 176th USASA? Remember the club the "Last Resort".

Jim Ketchum

Thanks for the webpage. I was looking for anyone stationed at Hunter Army Airfield between 1976-1977 in the 504th ASA Gp. The Group Headquarters was moved to Texas shortly after I left.

Walter M. Blackman

Want to locate and hear from anyone stationed at 8620 DU, Frankfurt Germany in the early 50's

Roger H. Freese

Ft. Devens 1956-57
Linkou, Tainan & Taichung 1957-59

Dave Gorski

I'm new to the internet and was happy to find an ASA page. I'm lookin fot anyone that may have served with me. 126th USASA CO Fuchinobe Japan 56-58, FT Devens, 58-59, 9th Field Station PI 60-62, ASAPAC (Zama) 62-65, Ft Devens again 65-68, Long Bien 68, Then out. I ended up as a Spec-7.

Robert (GREG) Gregoire

Great page Vern! I never knew ASA vets had a home page.

James R Schneider

USASAFS CHITOSE 10/67--10/70.
SIGNAL UNIT, TRANSMITTERS AND TELEPHONES. Just looking around and reading some interesting comments. Thanks.


I served in Chitose as an 058 '61-'62'-63. Roommate was Bill Householder from Youngstown, Ohio also hung out with Reuben Stroud, N.C...a tall drink of water, last name Hixson. Dale Varvis was also on my trick, always remember him complaining about putting on weight and trying to fill up his log with nonies or however you spell it. I copied RM's and Hixson was a quick fellow with the RD's. Great memories, thanks for the web page.

John Joyce

Don Lewis

Di An (1968)
Lai Khe (1968-69)
Tan Son Nhut (1969-70)
Long Than North (1970)

Morse Code Interception and
Airbourne Radio Direction Finding

337th RR Co. & 146 Aviation Co.

Anybody remember me?

Steve Henderson

Served w/ASA: DLIWC-Swahili 68-69; Ft Deven 98C 69;
FS Sobe 69-70; USASAEWCo FT Bliss 70-72; 8RRFS 72-73; NSA 73-76; FS Augsburg 76-79
PMOCAC (AN-TSQ-130 V2) Vint Hill Farms 79-83; 332 MI Co (Camp Page ROK) 84-84;VHFS 166 MI Co/ HHC 201 MI Bn 84-88;
3rd MI Center Ft Shafter HI 88-92; and VHFS 201st MI BN 92-93 retired.
A wild ride, but I'd do over again.... SKSKSK

James A Conley Jr.

This brings back old memories, was 059.1 in Herzo Germany from '63 to May '65 would like to hear from anyone that might have been there and remembers me.

Rindall Dunston

Berlin 61-63 (280th) 78th ASASOU
Charlie Leaf, John Hare, Glen Roe,
"Shakey" Ensminger?

Dave White

Retired after 30 years mostly with ASA/INSCOM. First tour Rothwesten, Germany with 184th USASA OPns Co(A), then 319th ASA Bn till 1967 . On to Vietnam with the 509th RR Gp - on to TRRS as Personal Sergeant inb 1968 - on to language schoo at the 98G training circuit. On to USAFS Berlin in 1969 the some additional language training - an instructor tour at NSA from 1973 - 1976 - then back to USAFS Berlin till 1981. On to Ft Devens as 1SG of Student Company until 1983. From there to the "BEST job I had - Detachment Commander at Schleswig Detachment from 1983 - 1986. After making SGM was assigned as S3 SGM at USAFS Augsburg till 1987. Then was dumped off to the "grunts" and became G2 SGM at the 1st Armored Divsion in Ansbach, Germany. Stayed with them through Desert Storm and until retirement in 1992. Spent many years in Germany and do miss the place. Thanks to the many "ASAers" who were there with me. Miss you all

Wayne W. C. Vagtborg

Zane Binder

Basic: Ft Leonard Wood, 1967.
German school, Defense Language Institute, Monterey, 1967-8.
Radio school, Goodfellow AFB, 1968.
Field Station Berlin, 1968-9.
NCO Academy, Bad Tolz, 1969.
Engineering OCS, Ft. Belvoir, 1969.
Basic ASA officer course, Ft Devens, 1969.
509th RR Group, Saigon, at Davis Station Message Ctr; motor pool of 509th HQ Co, Ton Son Nhut; & transient detachment at MACV annex, 1969-70.
5th Army ASA Det, Ft Sam Houston, TX, 1970. Now living in Virginia. Looking for those I served with at DLI, Berlin, Saigon, and Texas. What are the 509th's web sites?

Bruce Ford

I seek info on the following: Roger Becker, Ron Wagner, Karl Fay, Neal Vining, Dick Brostrom. Thanx.

Chris Jones

Joined June of '63
Basic at Fort Jackson
DLIWC during the Fall of 63 and then sent to Devens for 05H. Spent 17 mos at Det 27-Ankara, Turkey and then back to Vint Hill from Jan '66 to April. Sent to Vietnam -Phu Bai June '66 to Sept and then finished me illustrious career at Pleiku courtesy of the 330th.

Harvey Poff

Assigned to the 372nd ASA Company at Helemano, HI between 75 and 77. Company motto on back of commander's jeep was "Jam it Sir" until somebody at the 25th ID saw it. It took them awhile to catch on though. Please send an email if you were there. Thanks.

Steve Beutelspacher

Looking for Tom Leonetti, Bill Atwell,
Thom McCrea,and the other guys from
PAT 66 who went to Kagnew Jan 67.
Looking for Francis (Frank) N. Henderson
Pleiku 67 - Phu Bai 69
Working up a sweat yet Verne..
yuk yuk

Mike Doran

Torii Station Aug 1960--Feb 1962 Any one there at that time, drop me a line.Looking for Jim Owens Va.,Buddy Ivy
Lufkin Tx., Jack Wiggington Ky. Larry Hill ??, Eddie Hiatt WA??

Jack Saltsman

Little time to say. Will return for the rest of the story. I still try to get it right. ___K___

Ken WilliamSon

From 204.10 training at Ft Monmouth in 1959 to Heidelberg in 1980..

Been there....Done it...Surprised I survived!

Gil Bouffard

Looking for other members - 2nd Platoon, 101RRCo, Pleiku, 68-69. Also would love to get my hands on a Seasia company patch.

charles arnold

Looking for other members - 2nd Platoon, 101RRCo, Pleiku, 68-69. Also would love to get my hands on a Seasia company patch.

charles arnold

Looking for any of the guys from the 7th RRFS, Sig Maintenance or the Antenna Crew, 1967 - 1969. Mike Flowers, Russ Percival, Paul Rops, Terry Tollefsbol, Rob Walker (Germany), Anyone, let me know what you are up to these days.

Mark Cardoza

Ft. Devens 4/68 - 11/68
Kagnew Station, Asmara, Ethiopia 11/68 - 4/70
Ft. Bragg, N.C. 4/70 - 11/71
Salem, IN 11/71 to present

Cloyd H. Hardin

Looking for Andrew F. "Andy" Boyd
8th RRU 65-66 then Two Rock Ranch.
Also Timothy "Tim" Deaton
8th RRU 65-66 theN 18th USASA FS
Richard "Dicky" McKay
8th RRU 64-65 the 17th USASA FS
Great page Verne! If I find these guys, I
will be forever in your debt. Thanks!

Gilbert M. Mustian

gavin 98c/11b retread
stationed ft. devens 1971
taiwan 1972
home of the cobra thailand 72-73 ktf
misawa japan 73-75
back to the 7th thailand 75-76
sobe okinawa 76-79
san antonio tx 79-80
married marcia weber 05h from my
days at sobe...still togeter...two
halfbreed kids..(98c/05h)
augsburg 80-83
ft meade 83-87
retired and by god glad about it
dont miss the BS but do miss
the folks very much...drop me a line
my bs gun has always been loaded..
c u later



there were two folks looking for
(ben) dover... i know where he is..

jim gavin

Great page Vern...Ft Devens for my O5D then on to the 17th USASAFS at Rothwestern in brown section. Spent most of my tour at Det B in Handorf but also had a hand in setting up Schleswig and then to several border sites including Wittingen, Radenbeck, and lastly at Schonigen. would like to get in touch with anyone that were at those locations from 65 thru 68.

Charles Hennis

Great Site
Devins July 69-June 70
Chitose June70-oct70
335th RRFS Oct70-June 71
Shu Linko June71-Nov71
8th RRFS Nov71-April72
Would Like to hear from any of the guys I served with Tks

Gordon Gordy Coughlin

Great Site
Devins July 69-June 70
Chitose June70-oct70
335th RRFS Oct70-June 71
Shu Linko June71-Nov71
8th RRFS Nov71-April72
Would Like to hear from any of the guys I served with Tks

Gordon Gordy Coughlin

Jim Gavin knows where Ben Dover is ... but now we can't find Dave Ator who was looking for Ben! Anybody help? - VERN

Vern the Web Master

This is really great. And perfect timing too. Just returned from old spooks tour of Gartow, Mt. Meissner and Rothwesten (9/97). Like to hear from nyone at Monterey in summer, fall of '64 and above locations '65 to early '68.

Glad to see we're not completely forgotten.

Tod Bryant

i know where ben dover is
mike lemmon too...
dave ator why cant you give
out ur address in tacoma????
are u a spy or somethin???
verne make sure my address
and phone show up on ur
roster so's the bill collectors can
find me ..........
tks much........aka dutch bagels

jim and marcia gavin

Searching for Richard "Kite" Harris. Was an E6 at Ft. Knox in 1970. About 5"7" blonde/blue, muscular. Had a friend nicknamed "Sky". Shipped out end of September. May be from Iowa. That's all I know, in need of serious help on finding him or on how to go about trying to find him. Please help! Thank you.

Monica P.

33C Ft Devens 67-68
Herzo/Schneeberg 68-69 (Just saw a posting from CHOPPER)
Tan An/Phouc Vinh 69-71
Civilian (I don't know what came over me)71-73
Devens Shop 7 73-74
FS Berlin Sig Maint 74 -77 Marlene "D" Trick.
Got out in again '77, been with Harris Corp ever since.

Spanky Harris, where are you?

Steve Evans

Looking to contact El Paso/DLISW (DLISC) class of 69-70. Also Norm Gale (Gail...crypie in Nam..Da Nang); Jack Roche from Monterey Lan.Sch (VN). I am amazed and proud that a page exists for the lightnin' chicken pluckers! Thanks

Bill Eggers

Great JOB!
Would like to hear from anyone stationed with me. First ASA duty USASATC&S 1959 - 1965 with TDY trips, some long - like 6 months on USNS Robinson! 1965-69 313th ASA Bn at Rothwesten - 1969-70 101st RR Co. RVN - 1970-74 301st & 313 ASA BN Ft. Bragg including 1sg of 358th 82nd Abn Support Co. & Sig Sec Det. Retired 1974. Many thanks and Keep up the good work!! Chuck Carroll

Charles W. Carroll

Arlington Hall Station War Room

Paul Davis

Was at Davis Station 509th,224th,146th
from 2/69 until 9/70. January 1970 I
was at Long Thanh North. Like to hear
from anyone stationed around that time.

Richard Lindgren

Was at Davis Station 509th,224th,146th
from 2/69 until 9/70. January 1970 I
was at Long Thanh North. Like to hear
from anyone stationed around that time.

Richard Lindgren

Devens 98J
USASAT&EC Huachuca 70/71
USASAFS Shemya 71/72

Surfed to this web page. Man the memories just came flooding back. Would like to hear from anyone.

Gary Karaff

I would like to renew old acquaintances with anyone who remembers me from ASA Alaska 8614 D.U. or Det. E at St. Lawrence Island 1954-1956. I am already
communicating with a couple guys who served there. It would be fun to add more guys to our group to swap stories.
Thanks for the great page Vern. ASA
will live on for a long time because of
guys like you. Roy Curtis

Roy F. Curtis

Fort Devens 1953, 1717 school, where's Bob Knight, Utica, NY--Joe Lukan, Chicago
8609 ASU 1954-1955, like to hear from Pat Kendall, Chicago
Bill Buckley; Frank Godwin, all the others whose names memory has faded
remember the San McGoo trips; the tour of Corregidor? Manila was great.
Old and decrepit Bill in Santa Barbara, CA.

Bill Owens

Ft. Bragg 1961, Ft. Campbell 1962, Seoul 1965, Herzo1966, Rothwesten 1967, Augsburg 1973, VHFS 1976

Jim Soule

Looking for: Charlie Macha,Fredrick R Miller, Mike Mizelle, Paul Morell, Donald W Rains, James M Turner, Alan Williams, Ronald D. Wolldridge. We were in the same 05G20 class at FT Devens together. We all ended up in VN about the 2nd week of 1967, most of us went on to the 303rd RRBN and then to other companies from there. Just wondering what happened to them, or where they are now. Keep up the great work you are doing. I didn't realize what a super bunch of people I was priveledged to be with until many years later.
Thanks, John Peart

John Peart

05G 1970- thru the end of ASA then 97G and retired in 1985. SIGSEC Det CRC Korea, 101st RRC RVN, 201st ASA Company Augsberg, USASA SIGSEC Command HAAF, GA

Nice to see other ASA'rs getting on the net. NEVER FORGET our POW/MIA's.

Steve Stickley

Great work. Was in personnel at the 7th FS from 68-69 then again 75-76.

David Dalton

74F - Arlington Hall 1975-1977
NCOIC for moving USAREUR ODCSINT data processing into FS Augsburg in 1992-93 as part of 66th MI Brigade.

Keep up the good work Vern! You have a great page here with lots of info that shouldn't be allowed to be forgotten.

Greg Adkins

looking for anyone that was a member of the "400th ASA SOD, 1st SPECIAL FORCES; OKINAWA.



Basic Ft Leonard Wood, MO Feb 66
Ft. Devens May 66 - May 67 Trained as 33E20 and also worked at Viet Nam village training center.
Sent to Ankara, Turkey Det 17 in May 67 and stayed there till Nov 69.
Stationed Vint Hill Nov 69 till Discharged Jan 70.
Enjoyed looking through the list.

Lyle Epke

3/69 - 3/70 407th RRD attached to 5th Mech.
6/70 - 7/71 Hakata, Japan (near fukuoka?)
12/72 - 5/76 Torii Station, Okinawa
12/78 - 6/80 Torii Station
plus the usual Ft. Devens, Two Rock Ranch
Looking for vets from the 407th, pointers to unit records for that unit, maps, anything would be helpful!
It is just so danged great to have finally after 28+ years found all this
ASA info...Like coming home again.
Keep up the great work!

Greg Sheppard

Vern, Thank you for the web page. It is good to see interest in the ASA. Many of our comrades are the unspoken heros of the cold war. I would like to hear from anyone who served at Torii Station from July 1968 to January 1971.

John D. Shugart

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