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Looking for Michael J. Donahue-05D from MN, George Thomas (from the South??)-05D
& Edward David Tune (from Wash. St.?)-05D All with 330thRRC
Members of our PRD-1 team. (13 in all)
Any information on these 3 would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!

Vern Greunke

Not a 'Nam vet. Korea '52 & '53. 329th Comm Recon, 501st Grp. Basic Ft Knox 761st Tank Bn, 1717 school @ Ft Devens, 2538 school @ Arlington Hall, then on to the 329th. (Imjin River, Chorwon Valley, and Munsani), then back to Devens after the Truce. You've got a good page. Found you thru Maddog's link. Wish there were more of us "Old Dogs" left.

John Bowers

Just a note to let you ASA types know of a Military Supply Outlet operated by one of our own.
Maple Grove, MN 55311
Phone (612) 420-5915
Steve Masica, a member of our PRD-1 team, was wounded while carrying previously wounded ARVN soldiers to Medivac choppers from previous mortar attack
Give him the business! And tell him ..."VERN SENT YOU!!"

Looking for anyone who served at 3rd Field Station, Sobe, Okinawa from 1958-1960

Dave Henderson

Like to get in touch with any old buddies that were in the 354 comm recon co from 1951 to 1953 in Heilbronn Germany at Badnerhof Kassern..

Norman R Dias

Served in ASA, training at FT Devens and
Ft Gordon, GA 1957, assigned 507th ASA Group, Heilbron, Germany 1958-1960. Would like to hear from anyone who was with 507th.

Don Mason

Never thought about how very small a group the 33E20's were. No mention of them anywhere really.

Started my time in the Army at Fort Ord (now Cal State Monterey) in December of '65. Then off to Ft. Devens for 17 weeks of training and another 6 months of waiting for a posting. Oh boy! Signal Corps brass! SRU-11 (attached to 83rd RRSOU) Bangkok, Thailand. 18 Months was over before I knew it and back to Vint Hill Farms to do some R&D on systems. A brief TDY to White Sands, NM and Green River, UT. On my way out again to the PI's got waylaid at the Oakland Army Terminal and up to Two Rock Ranch for the Summer then out of the service and back to school. No one could figure out what to do with a 33E20 so I played in the MARS station for the Summer.

The last place I worked I found out, after 3 years of working there, that there were two other former ASA working in the same group in the same building.

Small world...

Bill Putney

I was an 05H20 stationed with the 335th RRC in Can Tho and Chi Lang with the 9th ARVN division. I am looking for Jim Mossman, Brownie from KY, a guy we called Slimey and guys that worked the second trick from June 70 thru Jan 71. Our OIC was WO2 Reitermann.

Mike White

ASA Korea, Camp Humphreys, 66-67.
Then Torii Station, 67-68. They found I caught TB in Korea. That ended my great military career. Fitzsimmons General Hospital, Denver, 68-69. We need to hear more from guys in Korea and Okinawa in the Sixties. We talked to you guys in Nam. One time I was online (teletype) with Nam. They came under attack and went off the air. Upon return to transmission, Nam said, "Whew, that was close!". A mortar shell came through the roof and landed in the middle of the room.
It was a dud !!!

Great site, Vern! I am honored to be included. Larry

Larry Macomber

This is pretty neat stuff Vern - I like the new look. Will chat later

Roger Blake

Fine job Vern

Harry M King

Really enjoyed seeing so much about ASA on the web. Been out of touch with the business for 20 years. Have been looking for a Warrant Officer named Jim Pierce, probably retired; may be in the Maryland area. If anybody knows how to get me in touch with him I would appreciate a note. After school at Devens, I went to the 326th in Augsburg. Did a couple of side trips to border sites, Berlin and Weisbaden. Transferred to Frankfurt to the 5th Corps ATSE in 1974 and stayed there until ETS in December 1975. Would be very interested in hearing what happened to the units at Flak Kaserne in Augsburg after 1975.

David A. Williams

Neat!! More

Leon Ryder

Ray really is looking for Conrad Horatio Dover - nickname "Ben" and Jim Hopper. :-) All The Way!

Ray Wimberg "Wimpy"

Computer operator at Sobe; Trick officer at Frankfurt;
BICC Cdr with 1st Inf Div; Co,337th RRU; XO, 175th RRU;
Ch, Program Br, Hq, ASA; Personnel Off at Hq, ASAPAC;
then Rif'ed. Called back to AD as Maj with the real
Army and retired as LTC in 1985.

Charles H. Smith

I am interested in folks that were at RRCUV in Saigon. I have created a snail mail address and have put out one newsletter. So far about 120! What is the best method you have found to find folks? Any help is greatly appreciated. We are going to geocities to set up a site.

ed perhay
under construction

Looking for anyone from 3rd USASAFS from 61/62
I have a copy of the "Tori Typhoon" from '61. Will send a copy to anyone interested.

Ed Murray

Phu Bai - SEP 68 - DEC 70. Was lingy 04B2LVN. Cross trained as crippy 98B and as mortars 11C. Worked with R Blake as lingy, K Stoessner crippy, R Boedefeld (marines)on mortars. Have been smitten with MS. Still able to type slowly.

Arthur J Dore

looking for william f schrader(schraeder) served at 330th in 67/68 and herzo base 68/70. was 98c20

paul w. walker

Nick Dennis Plessas

looking for any sru #2 members who served in zweibrucken, germany.
would like to hear from lt. billy d. cook, bob zelewski, jim cappleman, steve howell, glen date.

mickey skyring



Hi Vern.
Good to hear from you last night. Would like to hear from any "Torii Rangers" 61-65 or 3rd RRR 63-64. Also, anyone know the whereabouts of Jim Donnell(last known to be in Pasenda,TX)

Rocky "Chilly" Chilson




Great to be in the Database. Wrote the
"History of Eckstein '58 - '94" this year and it was posted on the FS Augsburg home page under the Border Sites section.
Any Rimbacher out there give me a call or email. I'm collecting a group of people who went to the Bayscher Wald. Maybe a news letter to follow. Harry

Frank Harrison Wallace, Jr.

Got you through the other ASA links - good work. If any ASAers from Germany/Austria interested in October 97 reunion see Maddog's and AOL ASA links.
ASA 1947-56: VHFS - 8605- 333 CRC - TRRS - 8608

Ralph R. Thadeus

Thanks for being there. I have searched previously and found nothing pertaining to ASA. Now I am finding it all.
Looking for David "Derby" W. Wilson. Any help?

Bill Cullison

408 RRU 67-68

Bert Corliss

I'm looking for Raymond Thos. Mcelheny. Stationed in Bad Aibling 64-68. Give me a shout if you get this. Remember radilus svobodna?
see you


Tom Moore

ASA 72-76, Torii Sation 73-74, 7th RRFS 74-76. I browsed through the info about the ASA book on Mark Scott's page and noticed no reference the 7th. After an email to him I was informed that they have received NOTHING from anyone in the nature of documentation or memorabilia about the 7th. It would be a shame if vets of the 7th missed this chance to include their input for what is probably going to be the one and only "comprehensive" book about the ASA. How about sending Mark's bunch some "stuff" if you've got it? Also would like to hear from ASAers I was stationed with, too many names to mention!

Kevin W. Daniel

Great page! 318th ASA, Herzo Base, "A" company 6/63 - 8/63; Det "A" Goppingen 8/63 - 5/65. Back to Herzo Base for processing for the boat ride (USNS Patch) back to the States

Charles E. Long

Served 319th ASA Bn 61-64 and HQ USASA EUR 65-67. Mos 983/74D

Cabot Egan

Seoul, Torri, Davis, Udorn, ETS Vint Hill.......72B40.............64-68

Glenn Eckfeld

Like to hear from anyone who was
with 330th and particularly det8
Have old pix with no names.71-72

Marvin Copeland

The best chat program I've found on the net is, ICQ. A real-time chat app. Check out: See ya there. Bill

William R. Bogart


S R Arrowood

Would like to see some to the 313th RRBn (rusty rifle Bn) folk get together and make some contributions here & elsewhere.

Barry Winters

7th RRFS 33B 69-70 Mars Station AB9AD, FS Berlin (Red Section)33D 71
Looking for Steve Matheny, Jonesy, Lew Vogel,Dave Creamer, Mike Phillips, Denny Larsen, Art (Slope) Abejon,
Signal Maintenence Vets from the 7th RRFS, Red Section Vets from Berlin.

Russell Lentz

Looking for:
Jim Kelly - Two Rock Ranch
Ken Friedman - Det 27 Ankara
Alan Conway - Det 4 Sinop
"ASA all the Way"

Thom Leonard

I heard through an old buddy that there will be a reunion of the 8603rd DU (AAU) in Louisville in September. I never realized that there were so many web locations for ASA. I was stationed in Okinawa from 1953-1955. I was in when the ASA had no insignia and was just in its infancy. I'd like to hear from some old buddies and more about the reunion

Walter J Lyons Jr

great to be making contact with ASA'rs after 30 years..been in contact with "maddog" Doran for a couple of months now..was with USASAFS Rothwesten 66-69..good times there are not forgotten

John Longwitz

I was with the 7th RRFS from 1974 to 1975. Vint Hill 1973 to 1974.

Looking for any HOGs from the box. Hollywood, Gene, Don "The Cookie Monster" Teft, Elvis, Jeb Stewart, Preacher, or Wild Bill.

ASA = A-------S Sign Anything

Mike O'Berry

Looking for (The WOP) John L. Guiedoni, served with him at the
330th RRC. 67-68

Ken Long

Looking for old friend Jesse D. Jewel. We served together at FS Augsburg 1973-1976 and again at Ft. Devens 1981-1983. Would appreciate any info to help me locate him.

Bill Kratzer

Looking for others from the outfit ... Jim Turpin (from TN?), Willy from Anuhuac, TX, etc.

Dan Miller

Looking for Bob Martin - Det 27
'64 - '65
Last saw him in Glen Burnie, Md in '72.

Thom Leonard

Looking for anyone else who was on the Robinson...

Tom Crawford

Looking for former members of 404th RR Det (ABN) attached to the 173d ABN BDE (Separate) in RVN - - especially troops assigned to the Detachment in 1970 and 1971.

Jack D. Wyatt

John Ambrose

8th RRFS at Phu Bai from January 72 until the base colosed on November, 72.I am looking for any one that was assigned to the 8th during that time.

Reyburn E. Owen

Gret Web page...Looking for Cris Clarke, Ron Saletnick, Ken Morrison, Roger Cooke.....Any information would be appreciated.

Dave Kelly

Just got your e-mail and I added a link on my page to your site. Please send me more info on your page. I am very interested.


I was ASA from Oct 61 thru Jul 64, saw
time in Phu Bai in 63 and 64 while assigned to the 9th ASAFS. Great to remember ASA after all these years.

Tom Hedly

One of the "Boat People" of the 330th RRC (Aug. 1966). Left the 330th to join the 146th Avn. Co. (RR) for 2 years at Tan Son Nhut (May 1967-May 1969). Hope to see you again at another reunion!! You're doing a great job & service!!

Jim "Sakk" Frankenfield

Looking for ex ASA'ers that were assigned to Hakata Japan
I was an 05K, there Feb 70 - Jun 71.

Paul (Jay) Mason

I am a 22 year Vietnam era vet that signed up for the ASA option under the delayed entry program in 1971. On my 18th birthday, 15FEB72, I entered active duty and went to basic training at Ft Ord, CA. I then proceeded to O5H school at Ft Devens, MA and then as the distinguished honor graduate of my class, got promoted to SP4 and then was shipped to Can Tho, RVN. I did ARDF work there in the 146th ASA CO, RR, 224th AVN BN. Some of my other assignments are 7th RRFS/Thailand, FS Augsburg, and FS Korea. I spent four tours in Korea for a total of 10 years. I retired in 1994 at the grade of E7, with a total of 22 years active federal service. I am currently working at the Corp Battle Simulator at Fort Lewis, WA, as a Systems Administrator. I'm very interested in locating anyone that may have known me during my ASA days, especially in RVN, Thailand, and Korea. I am very happy to see this page. I'm thinking of including a link to it from my up and coming personal page, if that is ok. I will have my own little piece of ASA on my personal page as well. Thanks for the opportunity to remember the past. ASA LIVES!

Gary E. Kohtala


Looking for anyone assigned at USACUJ from 1966-1968 was in Trick 4- Remember SFC Stinson/Sgt Wolgomott. Looking for Michael C. Martinson last location in States Aurora Illinois.

Michael R Iacovella

Came across your webpage while looking up info on the USS Liberty. Unfortunately most of the notes I read are from *youngsters* (hi hi). Was in the 8606 at Herzo Base. Had a *spinoff* (spoof) unit we called *Kaskom* with our own ID cards. I took many of the photos and sure brings back memories. Airborne!!!

Leo T. Hanley

Are there any survivors from the 5th RRU, Mekala Station, Bangkok, circa 1962 - 1964? Does ASAVETS plan any sort of unit history on the 5th RRU?

Does anyone know where to find a copy of Dean Barret's book, "Memoirs of a Bangkok Warrior"?

Gary W. Kay

Great Page!
Any 'Crypies' (98B) out there?
Looking for more into on the 14th USASAFS Hakata Japan (67-69) also known as the Hakata annex of Itazuke.

Jerry Dorst

Served in the G-3 section at Headquarters ASA, Arlington aHall Station from 1962 - 1965 trying to find people or info on Mike Campbell, Mike was from Main and was married to Helen from Mass. the last time I saw him he was headed to linguist school at the Presidio. Also looking for Steve Smiley from Lawrence Kansas, Jerry Burns from Maine, Dave Yanayahn somewhere in the midwest, Vern Kopp an illustrator in the G-2 section, Ed Ayers and wife Kathy from California, Ben Bell. respond to e-mail or call 717 759-2088. Thanks for this site. Rick Wynings

Rick Wynings

Sorry, missed one name Roger Camp who served at AHS in 1962 was transfered to Germany. Roger was from Seattle Wash. or northwest area. call or email

Rick Wynings

Looking for Sgt Allen DiLorenzo. Was
stationed at Bad Aibling Germany, 320th
USASA BN 1958-1960. Reinlisted 6 years
in 1960. Was into computers.
Parents has summer home in Florida, N.Y.

Edward W. Silverman

Is there anyone from "The Barn", Det. A @ Vint Hill, 7/65 - 10/66 or 373rd ASA Co., Ft. Hood, TX, 2/67 - 11/67, out there?

Emmett A. King, III

Looking for: Jim Kelly
Andy "Brown Dog" brown
John Bender
Roger Glubka
Bill Davis
John Holbrook
Rooservelt Priestly
Bob Martin
Alan Conway
Ken Friedman
Ron Earhart
Ira Swartz
Gary Gilbert
Served with these men from 1963-1967 at different locations:Signal School, Ft. Gordon
Det 27, Ankara, Turkey
Det 4, Sinop, Turkey
Two Rock Ranch Station, Ca

If anyone knows where any of these people are please contact me thru my E-mail. Tnx, nnnn

Thom Leonard

Greetings all. Great look since I last heard from you, Vern!
AnyBody out there spend time at the Schleswig Det? Blast me an Email.

John Sinks

Cloyd H. Hardin

An old timer ASA, 30 months from Dec 49 to Jun 52 at Radio Marino, Asmara, Eritria. Would like to hear from some of you from that era especially Clyde Piccard, Murray Donelly, Steve Guzak, Don Gray and many others

Gerald Pry

333rd Comm Recon Co, Ft. Devens, Ft. Richardson and various out stations, Sept 1951 - Dec 1953. Looking for Company history and anyone from that time and those places.

Great site Vern


Bob Warren

David Fair, Chuck Lenky, Steve Marshall, Vince Tio, if y'all are out there, contact me.

Gary Lorentzen

David Fair, Chuck Lenky, Steve Marshall, Vince Tio, if y'all are out there, contact me.

Gary Lorentzen

Am looking for any 05h's or other mos's I served with at Torii(67-69),Sinop(69-70) or Berlin (70-71). Was at Devens (66-67).

g briseno

Looking for anyone who was with the
303rd at Ft. Wolters and then at
Long Binh. !966 - 67

Charlie Becker

Hello All!
What a great page ! I was stationed at 326 ASA Co. Det. "S" (Schneeberg) from 77-80. Company main was at Auggie. Looking for anyone from "The Hill" or Co. Main. Dave Peterson, Ed Schneeflock, Dave Smith, "Bomber", Archie Justice, Will Eldridge, Pam Schmidt, "Pit", Mark Tegeles, Dave 'Ski', OR ANYONE ! Thanks !!

Kirk Hall

335tth RRC, 9th Infantry, Vietnam Jan-1968 to Feb 1969
Great Job on the ASA page. Thank-you!

Hal N. Blaisdell

ASA as an 058/059/988 from 60-65. Trained at Devens. To Korea in 61 with the 177th ASA OPNS Co at K-6. When up North to the 226th ASA (DMZ) and back to K-6. Returned to Vint Hill Farms in 63 and back to Korea three months later to K-6. Went up to Det B, DMZ on the East coast for 1 year. Traded in my headset for boxtops and a badge. Was with the US Army CID Command until retirement in 80. Looking for JB Bauer, Dick Wiley, 1Sgt Pringle.

Gil Dudley

I was the maint chief at the torii station comm ctr from 1977 to 1980. we wore the ASA patch for about 3 months then had to take them off and put on Intelagence and Security Command patches. Sure was a good tour tho.
How can I look up names on your roster?


Looking for members from Shu Linkou 1959-61 Two Rock Ranch, CA from 1961-62 Fort Devens training 1959 Jan to June.

james d. mortonson

Basic Tng at Ft. Jackson, SC 11/53
05H School, Ft Devens, MA 4/54
8608 DU (Sheryn, Germ) 11/54
Bad Aibling, Ger 10/55
Ft Devens (05H Instructor) 1956
Brady AFB, Japan 5/58
Bad Aibling, Ger. 5/60
Ft Devens, MA (Instructor) 12/62
Harrogate, England 6/65
Herzo Base, Ger. 6/66
Ft Hood, TX 6/68
330th RRC, Pleiku, VN 5/69
Vint Hill Farms Sta. 6/70
Retired from VHFS 2/74

Wilsford A. Haag (Willy, Bill)

Always interested in finding friends from Augsburg 72-76(201st, 326th, 2 EW, 328th); Vicenza 73-76(Det P, 201st); Vint Hill 76-80(370th, B/303d, PMO); or elsewhere. Retired from "regular" Army in '95.

Bill Moore

Good job Vern, keep it up. Still looking for guys from the 372nd and the 8th RRFS Sig Maintenance section, 60-70.

Buck Buchanan

I was with the RRCUV (509th RRGP) from 3-69 to 3-70; and later the 313th at Bragg, 602nd Det in HI, and the 269th ASA Co at Campbell (until the deactivation/consolidation of 82). Trying to locate Richard A. Creer-last know address Santa Susanna, CA.

Paul Price

really great to find this page and the opportunity to find "lost" buddies!
352nd ASA Co. 5th Inf. Div. (Mech)
March 1967-March 1968 (31e20 & 33c20)
330th R.R.Co. Pleiku Viet-Nam
April 1968-November 1969 (31e20 & 33c20)
USASATC&S Ft. Devens Mass
January 1970-August 1970 (Instructor)

Andy Anderson

Looking for other members of 83rd RRSOU/7th RRFS who served during 1969 to 1971.

Ken Floyd

I attended 058 training @ Ft. Devens in early 65 and was sent to the 5th RRU in Bangkok for 18 months. From there I went to Homestead (1/67-9/67), Vint Hill Farms (9/67-12/67), Korea 177th, Camp Humphrey and got out in 9/68. I would be interested in contacting others that served in the 5th RRU in the period 6/65-12/66. Thanks-really enjoyed your page and links. I had no idea there were so many of us old diddy boppers around!

Tim Heimel

Lemke, Raymond H.

Would be interested in seeing the list of guys you have put together...Thanks

Rick McDowell

Hope you have a lot of success with this. I'd like to get in touch with some of the old mob from Berlin, 70-72.

Carl H. Huffman

Looking for Bob Clark,Maxwell Clements, Trefrey or any 05ks or other ops slobs from Bad Aibling 1967-1970

Russell Nicholls

Udorn Nov 66-67
Herzo & Schneeberg 67-69
509th Gp Hq 69-70

gary antrican

Bad Aibling 1965-1968

Dave Woodside

Like to find others from 3d RRU from 1962. Clerence Coy Lives near me.

Lawrence (Larry) Plato



Are there records apart from 201s that the ASA has on units/personnel in RVN???

Steve Card
QSA 00

looking for any other 98Js from site 1,Rudow, Berlin FS in the years 70-72. Particular interest in AP Heintz, Steve Gates, Jim Burnham, Larry Goodwin, and "Rat " Lawrence. I'd love to hear from any of you!

Carl H. Huffman

Mike Langille

As much as the MIers might wish it, ASA will never go away.
Asmara 66-69
508th ASA Korea 69-70
313th ASA Ft.Meade 70-71
USASAFS Augsburg 75-77
332? ASA (Ft. Riley) 77-78
USASAFS Korea 79-80
USAEPG Ft. Huachuca 80-81
USASAFS Augsburg 82-85
And finally Ft. Devens Again 85-87
MOS: 26K 33C 33D 33G 33S 33Z
Best tour ASMARA
Worst Ft. Devens

Tom McCandless

Trying to locate Melvin E. Pence jr., Charles Sullivan, and two guys whose first names are Philip and Ted. All were 98 charlies at Phu Bai in 1964.

William Snyder

Darrell Bowlin

Looking for Tony Loeb who I served with in 1966-67 in the Mekong Delta.

Richard Schlander

I am Still "The Sobe GhoST"!
Seeking info on CWO4 Donald Walker, my CO at Sobe 1965 and SP5 Chuck Warenken my rommate '65-'67, SP5/SSG Ken Campbell my close friend and any others who rremember me from Devens '64, Meade '64 or Vint Hill '67.

Claude "Bunky" Hill

Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo. '71
Ft. Devens, Ma. '71-'72
7th RRFS, Ramasan Station, Udorn, Thailand '72-'75, O5H "ditty bopper" (morse intercept operator)
Would like to hear from anyone who served with me. Especially looking for Dan "Dano" Wilson, Jim "Maddog" Elsesser, David "Boo Boo" Butler, Mike Lemon, "Spud", SSG Joe Torrey, SSG Crabb, and too many others to mention.

Jim Kribbs

Have enjoyed taking advantate of your work. Thanks to you and Vern, I was able to track down three guys I served with at the 372nd! All of us are anxious to hear from Morris Byrd, who was a PRD-1 repairman. We'd also like to hear from David Gatewood and Jim MacNeil who were 05D PRD-1 ops. I also recall Ed "Whitey" White, Nick Manuel (sp?). Kent Debuehler is registered, but no phone number or address. Keep up the great work, guys! Thansk! ...Jake

Bill "Jake" Jacobson

Glad to see that we really did exist! Tough to find information about us. ASA all the way

Terry Shenberger

Looking for graduates from University von Gartow Am Hobeck.

William C. Hayes

Gary N Huey

Looking for anyone from the beautiful
"BLACK PEARL" of the Pacific Ocean.
Only those who really did "On a clear
day, see Tommorrow." 1970 - 1971.

Or anyone from HQASAPAC 1971 - 1972.

Mick Hartzell

Sobe 67-68, 326th Ft Riley 69, Sinop 69-
70. 71h Trying to locate David B. Johnson from Ft Riley in 69 then Panama
in 70 where I understand he did a little time in the brig. Also Jay Holmes from Sinop '70. Thanks Vern.

Mike Hesler

Anybody from 333 C/R or 8614 DU at Fort Richardson, Alaska 1953-56 out there. Fort Devens and Fort Gordon during 1953. Gulley, Tew, Long, Findlay, Cafritz and Petronio.

Gene Hyche

Looking for Neil Vanover-058 from MI, James Jump-058 from Ohio, Jay Bent-058 from Mass., Gary Wendt-058 (west of the Mississippi?) all stationed in Kassell Germany early 1960's. Or anyone else who remembers "Joe" Haase!

Ronald Haase

Looking for Neil Vanover-058 from MI, James Jump-058 from Ohio, Jay Bent-058 from Mass., Gary Wendt-058 (west of the Mississippi?) all stationed in Kassell Germany early 1960's. Or anyone else who remembers "Joe" Haase!

Ronald Haase

Would like to get in contact with anyone in the 2nd EW/202nd ASA, Katterbach, 1975-1978.

Ed Estes

Vern, enjoy your work. Like Wimpy, I to am looking for Ben Dover.
KTF, KUTHS - Lizard

Dave Ator

Lookin' good, Vern. Told Ron Seyboldt to get in touch with you, but have no idea if he did or not. Still haven't found any of the old guys so I'll keep watching your page. Keep up the great work. -- Dan

Dan Miller

Just glad to see that ASA is finally getting the recognition and attention it deserves. Would like to hear from any duffys who were on active duty from June 1972 to August 1992, when I retired. Anyone knowing the location of "Jack-da-Jew" please tell him I said hi. Last known location for him was Korea, where he finally retired.

Mike Kerr

James Moscone

Thanks for the tip-off, Vern

Arnold L. Mahlum, Jr.

Allen Teter

Gary L. Hada

Army 1963 - 1966
Basic at Ft. Leonard Wood, then teletype
writer repair at Ft. Gordon, GA followed by 6 week ASA Cryptographic repair at Ft. Gordon also inside a "compound". Then after leave to Kagnew Station, Asmara, Eritrea in April 1964. Extended tour of duty to April 1966. Would like to hear from anyone who remembers me or Mike Seitz (058) or Steve Bishoff.

Gary L. Hada

was with the 601st RRD chu-lai
from 1968-1970

bill ennis

Asmara USARS, 1948-1952. Only now realizing the beauty of the duty. Worked out of Radio Marina, but was "sent" to various other duty stations. Was not assigned thereto. Worked the particular station, and returned to Radio Marina.
Vern, its my honest privledge to be counted as an ASAVET. Great togetherness via the net. Thank you.
Trying to locate:
Frank "Buck" Rosavage, (maybe spelled ROEsavage)
Art Thexton
Harold Roach

James "Okie" O'Connor

Other units:
Devens of course.
Homestead AFB
Vint Hill Farms
USASATEC Ft Huachuca
8th RRFS
509th RRG (Advisor at Song Mao and Con Son Island)
23rd RRSOU ( SITMIT Team)
FS Augsburg (Including Det A, Schleswig)

Tom Harris

Looking for anyone who served with me. Sgt Case - 509th RR GP - S2 NCO June 29th 1967 to June 29th 1968. OR earlier Turkey & Ft. Bragg.
NICE WEB PAGE Webmaster!!

Gordon A. Case

ft jackson 65
ft, devens o5d school 65/66
missed the boat on the 330 th cruise to viet nam ..had to complete ttc..
nha trang, pleiku, dong ba thin 66/67
instructor ft devens 68
bad aibling 1969.....

larry street

Looking for anyone who was on USS Upshur
which left Oakland in Mar 66 and arrived
Apr 67 at Camp McDermott, Nha Trang, RVN, 313th RR Bn.

Eddie McDonough

reg nelson

Vern -

Well done. We all started chasing electrons for infor and now are using the medium to pass and receive information

Enjoy the BB.

Look for members of OCC 1-65 - Ft Devens 64-65.

Will pass site around to ASA'ers in the DC area.


Fred Lothrop

Ft. Dix, NJ Jun-Jul 79 BCT
Ft. Devens, MA Jul 79-Aug 80
MOS 33SD4 (Tebo mech)
FS Augsburg, Sep80-May82
Injured myself and was discharged too early. R-390As are heavy. Especially four of them.

Jeff Fisher

I'm looking for John Sontag. We went to school together at Ft. Devens in 72 and he was shipped to Thailand. Great work on these pages!

Dennis Shanks

Looking for Phil Kimmel 98C20 and
Bill Gay 05H

Jim Robarts

ISO Tom Bond and Mike Odom.
98C's that were in Phu Bai. Tom Boy
went to Misawa Japan - I think
Met at Devens - D company

Jim Hopkins

Enlisted 1975,98C-- FtDevens-1976;Goodfellow AFB, TX-1976;Ft Devens-1977;HHC,313th ASA Bn, Ft Bragg;-1976;USASAFS Augsburg-1976-78.
Looking for Mark "T.J." Lopshire, Mike Winograd, Mark Bagley, Kenny Baker, Pete Burke, Buck Bailey, Linda Bailey, Mel Kroger, Dave Richardson, Steve Clause, Rick Rowell, Dave Padilla, Ron Hintz. Maria Hintz.

Mark Backus

Stationed at 313th RR at Nha Trang - TDY to arty units - forgot MOS number but a manual intercept of U.S. troops between November 67-Nov 68. Any from 313th give me an e-mail. Still typing after all these years.

Welch Warren

176th 1957 - 1959 056/058 On the hill... inside at at the off site duffy site and in Tainan. Lots of stories!

Jim Ketchum

After all the BRAC Hearings, I just wonder how many of the old ASA facilities are left. Anybody know?

Richard Thurtle

I am registered already, just checking in. Getting a little confused or maybe that's overwhelmed? I cant remember the unit at Ft. Bragg, I thought it was 301st ASA Bn. Some one help. Near Spring Lake & Pope.
Also, where are all the 509th Davis Station folks? 1967-1968

Gordon Case

Berlin 67-70. Vern, I sent you a roster of vets $ possibly addresses too? All from Berlin. I'm the POC for the reunions for FSB. I have orders that I mentioned and you are welcome to them. I'll have to snail mail them, so send me your address.

Jeff Gammon

Howzabout looking for Doug Elam from MO.
Served with him at Devens, Turkey, Italy and Germany!

Ronald Haase

Served at the 8TH RRFS from Jul 1970- JUl 1971. Then I was off to the 7TH RRFS from Aug 1971- Aug 1973. These ASA links are great. I already found a buddy I had not seen since we left Saigon in 1971.

Mark Lang

Hi Vern, I'm looking forward to getting the listing of ASA Vets. Since I retired and got this computer, I have been having a ball reading the war stories and comments from the ASAers of old. Those like you who have been instrumental in re-generating interest in the old ASA deserve our vote of thanks. Good Job!

Ronald H. Eddins

Would be interested in contacts from 176th,Camp Wolters, Ft.Devons,Korea 1960-61
509th RRG, 1967-68, Vint Hill 1969, EUCommand Def. Anal. Ctr. Wiesbaden 1970-73

Bill Reid

I'm looking for anyone from Det. A, VHFS, "the Barn", from 7/65 - 10/66 and 373d ASA co., Ft. Hood, from 2/67 -11/67

Emmett A. King

James J.Pryor

Looking for former members of USASASOUTHCOM 1962-1964, particularly members of Trick 3. We had a 33-year mini-reunion last June and 11 people attended. Would like to locate former SFC Robert McNutt who probably retired in the early 80's. Last known duty station was Ft. Devens.

Gerald "Doc" Francer

This is neat stuff. I was at Devens 2/63 to
8/63 the year the cooks at 2nd batallion's
consolidated mess gave us all some food
poisioning; from 8/63 to 10/65 went to
USAEUR as an 058 and then SETAF with
600th USASA, and cross trained to 054
at "A" Detachment.Anyone out there
from this company?

Jim De Church

Jim Mortonson

USASCU-J Camp Drake 66-68
Trick 4- SFC Stinson- 72B
FT Bragg- TDY FT Devens
Arlington Hall Station- 74D 69-70

Michael R Iacovella

Hey Vern,
Just found your page and its 2am, I'll be back tomorrw night! I filled in your registry form....but I spent 20 years, you didn't have enough spaces for all my assignments. Plan on using your page to find some old buddies. I started out as an 05H and once a HOG always a HOG..I only lost it by virtue of a promotion (well somebody had to do it, right?) Will send you info on my brother (also and ASAer) as soon as I get his permission. Also have another brother who retired from the US Naval Security Group, do you know if someone is running a similar locator page for Navy types? If so please send me the URL or an e-mail address. Now for the continuation of my assignments:
USASAFS San Antonio '74 - '77
USASAFS Korea '77 - '78
USASAFS San Antonio '78 - '83
USAFS Augsburg '83 - '86
Signals Warfare Center
VHFS '86 - '89
Fort Home '89 -

Thanks for the work you are doing I'm sure many appreciate it.

DW Whitaker

Ft. Devans Oct 65-June 66. Phu Bai june 66 to June 67. Two Rock Ranch 67-68

Randy Brookman

Looking for Davis aka Little Davie or Cecil Bowman. Both were security guards
at the 303rd in 67.

Doug Canavan

o58 in Panama 1962-64
To OCS 1964 then Homestead,
Berlin and 2 tours in 303rd RR in Viet Nam

George Williams

Looking for: Albert Reed Kirpatrick, believed to have retired in 1976 and went home to Kansas. He was a Com Center type, last known duty assignment was the 522d CEWI Bn, Fort Hood. If anyone knows where he is or how to contact him please e-mail. (He most likely can be found on a fishing bank somewhere in Kansas)

Gene Whitaker

Looking for pictures taken at following units/dates
9th Det 2d Sig Svc Bn, 1948-1950
Two Rock Ranch - 1950-1951 1954-1956
501st CRG Seoul Korea 1951-1952
8603d / Fatima Okinawa 1952-1954

Bill Wetzel

Looking for Mike McGill (74D),
JoDee Borg (96 Series, Czech Linguist),
and CSM Mix (last known: CSM, White House Communications Agency, 1993)

Max Brittain

I'm still trying to locate some trace of David B. Johnson formerly with 326th ASA Co Ft Riley in 69 then to Panama. He got out and was in Festus, MO for a while. ANY help greatly appreciated. Thanks Vern, love this site.

Mike Hesler

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