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Why I feel we should NOT pass the flag amendment
to our National Constitution.
1. If it's not broke ... don't fix it! Somehow the Constitution has survived 220 plus years with very little "fiddling". How has the lack of this now so urgent amendment caused our country any great strain or problems to the general society?
IF the wise framers of this document had thought this issue was that important, wouldn't they have incorporated it from the outset?

2. National pride and patriotism are indeed expected ... but can it be mandated by any addition to our Constition?
Can we legislate patriotism?
Step back a few years to China and "T" Square. Students vs. tanks (the government) ... NO freedom to protest there!
Are we going to change this important document to deal with a handful of misguided souls? Why is this such an important and pressing issue NOW? Suddenly after 200 years this MUST be passed?

3. What is more important to you .... our Symbol of Liberty, or Pure Freedom Itself? In 1989 our Supreme Court of the land ruled in favor of the later.

4. Majority Rules? Polls say 80 percent favor the amendment (majority) but as Paul Harvey says: Now the "REST OF THE STORY" when told this would be the very first amendment to RESTRICT First Amendment freedoms the support was ONLY 38 Percent! (not a majority.)
Majority Doesn't Necessarily Rule. Last time I looked we were a REPUBLIC ... and our form of Government was not based on a National Referendum. If it was only based on a majority then the people living in the likes of Nebraska (my state) Wyoming and other lesser populated area would be out of luck. All they would need is support of New York, California, Florida and a few other states and the rest of the country could be ignored.

5. America was founded on individual rights. Even though we can strongly disagree with the views of others our country has gotten along by using TOLERANCE.

TOLERANCE is what the people of our country have had to deal with since Day One of our founding. Tolerance of people with different religions, political ideals, customs, languages, skin color and life styles.
If you want to live in an IN-tolerant society, try Red China (see above.)

6. The Penalties? Ok, if this amendment DOES get passed ... what will be the courts idea of a proper penalty? Will it be akin to a parking violation? A misdeanor, a felony? Time served, and probation? $25 fine, a hand slapping and admonishion to not do it again? A year in jail? 10 years? Life imprisonment? or The Firing Squad?
After posting the notice on the NASAA page I braced myself for an attack of bad willed email. .... It didn't come! Instead I got only a few letters and the gist of them was they supported my views more or less. Some said I used the words they wished they'd used. One said he didn't understand what I was trying to say! :-( 

After again reviewing the NASAA by-laws and statements of purpose I also reviewed the chain of letters prior to my own posting. I think what might have set me off first was the one letter that said in effect "the NASAA" should do such and such  .... IF he meant INDIVIDUALY as single members ... fine! But if he meant as a GROUP .... then I was against it from the git go! 

That was NOT in the interest of ALL the members of the NASAA. We are still individuals with individual ideas, ideals, and views. Other letters posted views of their own, which they are indeed entitled to ... but when glaring statements are made with blatant errors of FACT then I was set off. I needed to help clear the air by voicing my own views and trying to point out the wrongful statements made by others. (and possibly muddying the waters in the process!) Perhaps they believed they were making a true statement of fact .... facts in their own minds .... but not necessarily true facts.

Then I was gently admonished that  this debate could cause a division of our troops, not my goal indeed! More letters were being posted and true to form .... some missed the mark, again stating ideas, half truths, using unsupported or incomplete data. It's easy to use numbers to your own cause ... just ask Mr. Perot!

This is indeed a very emotional issue, lets keep our heads clear, our minds open and follow our own ideals WITHOUT stepping on the rights and freedoms of others.