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Army Security Agency Disclaimer
By filling out the ASA Database Locator Form and/or Guestbooks, you give me permission to distribute and post your name, address, phone, E-Mail address, and unit locations to other ASA personnel searching for old friends. Information on the ASA Locator Database is collected from various sources ... ie. old orders, reverse phone books, word of mouth, friends, and other PUBLIC DOMAIN sources. Every effort is made to see that this listing is provided to ASA VETS ONLY. However, I have NO control over the distribution once it is passed on to others. If you wish to have data about yourself not listed or removed, please contact me. I can "UNLIST" your phone number or address. (It will be replaced with "N/A") If you wish NO LISTING WHATSOEVER I will remove all but your NAME ... permanently, period.
NOTE: It is quite possible some names may have WRONG ADDRESS, UNVERIFIED ADRESS or be a like-named person but NOT THE ASA VET you are looking for. Consider the database as a reference tool only.
Good luck and happy hunting!

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Vern Greunke - Webmaster

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