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PRD-1 TEAM VIETNAM - 1966-1967
Flyaway Team "Alpha" - Airmobile
"We Snoop ... You Shoot!"

Cu Chi 1967 - "Going Home!"
Our only group picture ...
taken the morning after our going away party
Vern Greunke, Gussie Thomas, Michael Donahue, Orville "Butch" Browning,
Harry King, Ed Tune, George Thomas, and Maurice "Curly" Kollstedt
Not Pictured: Sp. 4 William R. Chron III (later Maj.) home on emergency leave,
Sp. 4 Steven Masica, injured by mortar fire at Trung Lap
while carrying previously injured from prior attack to medivac helicopters.
Also Not Pictured: Ronald Seyboldt and Roland "Butch" Williamson,
who rotated back to 330th RRC/Pleiku midway in our tour - (Jan. '67).
Photo by "Uncle Russ" SSG. Russell W. Beller - Team Chief

Beller's Fellars Theme Song - by Butch Browning
(Sung to the tune of "The Green Berets")
"We are Beller's Fellars true ...
There ain't Nothin' we won't do!
We may drink, and we may smoke ...
But we'll Never touch a Coke!"

Firebase Indy - June 1995
First Annual? Reunion - Beller's Fellars
Vern Greunke, Maurice "Curly" Kollstedt, Steve Masica and Harry King
THE SIX - 2nd Annual? Reunion - Akron, OH - June '96
Left to Right: Ron Seyboldt, Vern Greunke, Russell Beller,
Harry King, Maurice "Curly" Kollstedt, and Steve Masica

Beller's Fellars 3rd Annual? Reunion -
Firebase Indy, June '97
Left to Right: Bill Chron, Vern Greunke, Harry King, and Maurice "Curly" Kollstedt
(Bill Chron died the following January)

Beller's Fellars 4th Annual? Mini-Reunion -
Grundy Center, Iowa - June 1998
Left to Right: Harry King, Mike Donahue, and Vern Greunke

Beller's Fellars '99
Grundy Center II, - August '99
Left to Right Front: Vern Greunke and Maurice "Curly" Kollstedt
Back Row: Mike Donahue, Sgt. "Uncle Russ" Beller, and Harry King

Our Old "Stomping Grounds" - : Map of Cu Chi area
More "Stomping Grounds" - : Hiway 13-"Thunder Road", Ben Cat & Lai Khe

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