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Please post general ASA locator notes in SEEKING ASA #2 page located on my home page

This guestbook is for 372RRC members and support personnel only!

Others please sign-in on the ASA Locator page at:

Vern Greunke


VERN is testing

Looking for ANY info on Michael J. Donahue, George Thomas or Edward David Tune. There whereabouts, serial numbers, middle initial for Thomas ... anything to help locate these guys. Have located 10 of the 13 on our PRD-1 team which was TDY from 330th to 372nd entire year. '66-67. Thanks for any help!

Vern Greunke

I was a 33B20, SP/5. Buck found me via the net last yr. I'm glad he did. I shipped to Nam with the 265th ASA Co.,
101st Airbourne 12/4/67 and was transferred to ChuChi about 2 wks later.
You're doing a great service for us buddy. Thank you!

Lefever, Roger S.

Looking for Ed "Two-One" Toone

Bill Jacobson "Jake"

Still looking for former 372nd buddies:
Morris Bryd - PRD-1 repairman, David Gatewood - 05D from Texas, Joe Cotton - 05D from GA, Ed "Whitey" White, Nick Manuel - 05D, Jim MacNeil - 05D, Steve Austin - mortician 05D. I have found 3 already (Thanks To Vern!), Kris "Turtle" Tourtellotte, Larry Caprari, and Ed Toone. Thanks for the help, Vern!
...Jake 05D
372nd '68-69

Bill Jacobson "Jake"

PRD-1 (05D20) op - Sept. 67 - Sept. 68

Jon Maxedon

When is the next 372nd get-together?

Gary Blankenship

Served as CO, 372nd for brief 2 mos. before rotating back to states in Sept 1970.

George W. Williams

Served as Morse Collection NCOIC from April 1968 thru July 1968. Also run club for about 1 mo-too deep in a blizzard for that job.

Mick McCombs SSG

Looking for Harvey Atkinson (Calif.) and Richard Page. Both 05H's. The West Virginia State Council, Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc. is having a convention in November, 1997. We will have information on Agent Orange, PTSD, POW/MIA and much more. If you would like to attend, let me know and I'll send you a registration form.

Gary L. Blankenship

Looking for William R. Moyer. 7th RRFS. Last contact, he was living in California, lost contact a few years back.


Gary Blankenship

'69-'70, 05H (Midz): WA 360-459-1026

Ed Madden

For those of you who thought I was playing hookie from Indy, I spent 35 days in hospital in WY and MT this summer trying to chase down what turned out to be acute bacterial endocarditis. Doctors have given me a clean bill of health as of 22 Sep 97 after being knocked on my butt for about 15 or 16 months.
TNX for the cards, calls and letters.

Buck Buchanan

Forgot to mention that Dad (Webb) Lowstteder will be going in for cancer surgery on 30 Sept. Give him a hit on email or a card if you can.
Webb Lowstteder
1223 Riverside Drive
Lompoc, CA 93436
Can you believe it, his wife's name is Charlotte!

Buck Buchanan

I was CO of 372nd for my last 60 days in RVN (AUG-OCT 1970)Lt Bernie French was XO & Liaison to Division. Not my best memories but I was just finishing my second tour in Nam and was a little anxious to get my tour over with. Have seen a few of the old members over the years but not many. I got out of the Army a year later but stayed in the Arlington area as a civilian. In fact still call Virginia home. Would love to hear from anyone from the 372nd.

George Williams

05H2Y4 372ASA Helemano

Tim Van Driska

05H2Y4 372ASA Helemano

Tim Van Driska

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Got a letter 12/5/97 from Rich Schwarz, 372nd Sept 69-Sept 70, TA Warrant officer. His address is Box 2342, Green Bay, WI 54306 and email is

Happy Holidays,

Buck (307)686-5126

Buck Buchanan

Hey Vern! Read your book "Beller's Fellars". Good reading, lived a lot of that myself. Thanks for the memories ...
- Lee

Lee Jones

Hello to all the guys of 372nd 1968

Mike Wagnon

Hello to all the guys of 372nd 1968. thanks for this web site, I now know where a lot of you are. To Buck, my old friend thanks for the hook up

Mike Wagnon

This is fantastic Vern! Now I'll have to buy you book.

Reg Roberts

REUNION '98! Contact Duane Reed at email address listed here or Reg Roberts concerning this year's reunion plans. We need your input!

Duane Reed

Was at Cu Chi and Dau Tieng 67-68. Lookikng for Roger Regor, Russ Nichols and Lt Mackey. They are on roster but no address

Karl A. Scholz

Was at Cu Chi and Dau Tieng 67-68. Lookikng for Roger Regor, Russ Nichols and Lt Mackey. They are on roster but no address

Karl A. Scholz

I was the crypto tech (31K) in the maintenance van inside the Operations compound from the day the unit arrived at Cu Chi until Feb. 67 when I was fortunate enough to rotate out on an ITT to Germany. Of course, I had to take a short and re-up to get there, but it sure was worth it. I'm so glad that Verne and the others have done so much to reconstruct the history and times of the RRU's and RRC's. We owe you guys a lot for making it possible to bring us back together again, virtually as well as actually. Thanks! (2/14/98)

Warren Muench

Anyone care to volunteer their services as 372nd HISTORIAN? I could use some help. Would like to assemble and post the lineage of the 372nd as much as possible. All the CO's, XO's, 1st Sgts. etc. We have some of the movements documented but think the command listing would help others to jog their memory about the time frame they were there.

Vern The Webmaster